The word ‘empathy’ is commonly used in our everyday lives, be it at work, home or in our social surroundings. In any given day if you find yourself listening with ease to other people’s problems or being drained by other people’s energy, you may be more of an empath than you think. You also will probably have gone through life being more affected by other people’s energies than you realize.

What is An Empath?

To put it simply, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. An empath is a person who absorbs other people’s emotions and experiences, as if they were their own. Empaths are highly compassionate and generous people with great listening and observational skills.

Some people may have an inherent, natural ability to feel other people’s emotions and pain, this can be a beautiful positive quality as we establish  close relationships with others. However, the downside can be that an overload of someone’s negative energy can cause fatigue, anxiety, and depression in empaths who do not know how to protect themselves.

At The Harmonizing Academy, we warmly welcome empaths onto our team. Empaths make amazing coaches. We are passionate about teaching our coaches to create boundaries and self-care routines in order to stay energised and empowered in the lives they live and the work they do.

The following 7 tips will support you to face any negative energy that demands your time and attention. 

Know Yourself

Of all of life’s gifts, self-knowledge is one of the greatest gifts a person can be presented with.  Without self-knowledge we lack awareness of our emotions and what’s affecting our mood and energy each day. When we begin to truly value our life and we become aware of its importance, we begin to align our choices with our true values and morals. When we take time to discover who we are, we understand what lifts us up and what drags us down, life begins to feel much simpler and the struggle isn’t so intense.

Build A Support System

Do you have people in your life that you can turn to, people who will listen to you and not judge you? One of the best ways to reduce stress and to eliminate negative energy is to share our feelings with people we trust. Sharing our feelings with a best friend or a family member is such a precious gift, as the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved!

How open are you to support? Do you allow yourself to lean on others. If not, why not? Why don’t you get together with family and friends to identify the areas where you could use support. Make this a two way process. How can they support you in your life and how can you support them? Our pets are wonderful forms of healing support too. Stroking a pet is a gentle way to release stress.

Set Boundaries

As I mentioned earlier Self- Knowledge is about knowing our likes and dislikes, it’s about knowing what makes us feel comfortable and what makes us feel stressed, drained or anxious. If we are to allow our true essence to flourish and blossom into our full potential, it’s so important we protect ourselves by setting boundaries.

When we begin to listen to our feelings and when we watch our energy levels increase and decrease, we can begin to identify what drains us.

How easily do you say no when you don’t want to do something? When we really learn to value our life, when we begin to understand our true needs, it’s so much easier to begin to create boundaries for self protection.

Have A Salt Bath

As each day passes we build up various forms of energy, both from people we come into contact with and the environment we are set in.

As our own energy field is constantly active with taking in information, reacting and responding to the surrounding energies that we come into contact with, we need to make sure it is neutralised at the end of each day.

Although, our body is constantly readjusting itself to bring our energy back into harmony, there are times when the negative energies we encounter can linger and accumulate over time.

A great way to help your body heal itself and bring your energy back into harmony, is with a salt water bath which will cleanse your aura of negative energy  and eliminate toxins from your body.


If you’re feeling anxious, drained and overworked by stress, depression or negative energies that surround you, Smokey Quartz is a great crystal to work with.  This is one of the best stones to hold for grounding our energy. It works by eliminating excess negative energy leaving you only with the positive energy you need. This calming stone removes fear and lifts your mood. Not only does Smokey Quartz help to lift your mood and bring positivity into your life, it also helps you to tolerate and accept any negative situations you may experience.

Release and Refill

On a subtle and mostly subconscious level, we all have negative energy buried deep within us. If built up, such negative energy can take an emotional toll on everything we do and tends to occupy space that could be filled with a more positive and empowering energy.

When you relax and release yourself from such negative energies, you allow the Earths powerful energy to refill you and as you fill yourself, say your affirmations, so that you are filled with exactly what you desire.

Shield Yourself in a Bubble of Light

Before you venture out to deal with the day’s happenings, surround yourself in a healing body of light. Throw in some glitter, as glitter is reflective and allows any negative energy to bounce off.

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