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Harmonizing is a new, ground-breaking, life re-alignment process designed to help us overcome low confidence, stress, energy, depletion and burn out. Embarking upon the process opens the floodgates to new levels of mental, emotional and physical vitality.

A shift is taking place on the planet and people are sensing a need to connect more deeply with what really matters to them. At Harmonizing we have designed a powerful system which connects people with the heart of who they truly are by bringing their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. This beautiful, life transformational coaching process clarifies what gives life meaning and gives us the inspiration, courage and adaptability we need to live wholehearted, fulfilling and truly abundant lives.

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I’m Dawn Breslin, I’m the Founder of Harmonizing. I’m on a mission to help humanity transition into a new way of living: a way where vibrant well-being, free time, deeper relationships and a real sense of vision and purpose have their place in our day to day lives. My coaching process (HAP) guides individuals to live inspired, energetic, confident lives: lives where the true and natural desires of the mind, body and soul are unlocked.

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