An ever increasing number of people are awakening spiritually!

A spiritual Awakening is the awakening of our connection to source/divine energy. In this realisation we begin to understand that a constant flow of love is available to heal, comfort and guide us in our lives. When the supreme universe or God awakens our soul to this level of awareness, we wake up to a beautiful new perception of the world around us.

For some people, the ability to open themselves spiritually can be a slow and steady process, while for or others, a life changing event can lead to a spontaneous spiritual awakening.

At the Harmonizing Academy, we help many open themselves up to the Divine Universal flow. Through The Harmonizing Life Alignment Process we guide individuals to recognise the signs and signals to look out for in the journey to spiritual awakening. Here are 12 of our core Harmonizing principles.

  1. We prefer to allow life to unfold naturally rather than pushing to make things happen

When you have been spiritually awakened, you have surrendered control and fear to God/The Universe. You understand that constantly clinging on to control over your life is painful, limiting and meaningless because you trust in what God/The Universe has to offer. By Allowing your life to unfold naturally means you have built a strong foundation of trust in God, from which your natural creative impulses can flow.

  1. We prioritise fulfilment peace and radiance over money and success

A spiritually awakened person understands that peace is the number one priority, without peace, only negativity will flourish. We understand that when we live in a state of flow, we are more productive, creative and attractive to opportunities around us.

This prioritization of peace links back to the ‘trust’ element, because by trusting in God/The Universe, your worries disappear, leaving an open playground for peace, joy and the dance of life.

  1. We increasingly have difficulty spending time around negative people

One of the benefits of being spiritually awakened is having that ability to determine what brings negativity into our lives and avoid it. Negative people are all around and you can spot the warning signs and avoid them, it will pay handsome dividends. A spiritually awakened person understands that being constantly surrounded by negativity will only break our creative flow and lead us away from the manifestation of our natural life path.

  1. We feel a deep sense of appreciation for beauty and simplicity

In today’s materialistic world, many people spend time idolising over goods that bring only short term happiness. Once the happiness disappears, we go on to chase other things. This constant chasing of idol goods only leaves one lost and in a never ending cycle of dependency.

A person who has received the gift of spiritual awakening, can sit on a park bench and enjoy the smallest things around them whether it’s the Spring breeze or the children playing. These people are not pushing, driving or striving for anything.  It’s amazing how much happiness a person can achieve with so little money spent.

  1. We need to spend time alone

Being around friends and family is most definitely a gift to cherish and our loved ones should never be taken for granted. However, if you depend on others for your happiness, it may mean you need to do some serious soul searching. A spiritually awakened person can find happiness when alone, in fact, they cherish and enjoy their time alone as much as they do with others.

  1. We follow our hunches and trust our inner guidance for life direction

There are times when in certain situations, we feel something might not be right, yet we still go on to follow that direction. Maybe out of desperation, fear or lack of choices, we ignore that wise voice that comes from deep within. The truth is that we do have choices and when you put your choice in the Divine creator/The Universe,  you will never feel desperate in any situation because you thoroughly believe that you will be rescued. A spiritually awakened person always follows that wise voice, trusting their inner guidance for life direction

  1. We no longer want to get involved in drama or conflict

Conflict is just another form of negativity for a spiritually awakened person. Conflict means walking astray from the beauty of the divine universe into the path of unhappiness. A person that has accepted God/The Universal force  into their heart understands the importance of avoiding any form of conflict, regardless of who is right or wrong. The only right way is that of peace and positivity.

  1. We feel we an increasing urge to share our natural gifts with others

When you feel moved by something truly beautiful in life, it is natural to want to share it. This is mostly the case for many who have been spiritually awakened. Selfishness is not an option because they thrive in making others smile and bringing beauty and happiness into their lives.

  1. We feel an increased draw towards nature and the natural world

Believe it or not within the natural world exists deep spirituality. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors would have lived and thrived in all things natural, referencing different trees and plants to Gods and Goddesses. Nature has a deep spiritual connection and the more we are silent in nature, the more we feel it. A person who is spiritually awakened has found the ability to detach from the materialistic world, developing a closer relationship with the natural world

  1. We worry less about rescuing others

Worrying never resolves anything, it only brings on more stress. When fully opening yourself up to the divine universe, you feel less of a need to worry because once again, you have full trust in what the creator has to offer. You can only do your best to serve others, but you trust that the creator will handle the rest.



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