20 New Things to Try in 2020

This January marks not only the start of a new year, but also the start of a brand new decade – and we understand that this can come with mixed emotions. Reflecting on the past while considering new paths can feel daunting. With this in mind, we’ve dug deep into the Harmonizing archives to create a nourishing list of self-care rituals and life-alignment exercises to help you focus instead on the wonderful sense of potential a new year can offer.  


1. create a vision board  

A vision board is simply a visual representation of how you would like your life to look and feel, created through collage. Putting one together is a great method of uncovering and connecting with subconscious desires; it can help to focus your thoughts and ambitions, and provide clarity on your current sense of place. To get started, buy a varied bunch magazines and flick through them leisurely. Tear out any images that you feel a strong connection with, and begin to build up your board with them. Try not to approach this by consciously looking for images of things you want; it’ll work far better if you work without any preconceived ideas.

2. practice yoga

Try practicing Yoga – Either look for a local class to join, or search online for some beginners tutorials, or 30-day challenges. Yoga releases tension, heals us focus, decreases stress and connects our mind, body and soul together to help boost our whole system.

3. spend time in nature

Spend time in nature – Walking in nature is really powerful for aligning yourself with the energy of the natural universe; the colours and sounds ignite a deep connection within us that will help to restore and revitalise your inner sense of balance – without any conscious effort on your part.

4. write

Force your brain out of its comfort zone by challenging yourself to start writing regularly. If you’re looking for inspiration, there are plenty of online challenges to get your creative juices flowing. Or simply let your mind run free and simply enjoy the process of being imaginative, without worrying about skill or outcome. 

5. get up early

There’s something quite magical feeling about waking up before the rest of the world. Try watching the sunrise with a hot drink and take a moment bask in the beautiful calm  before losing yourself to another busy day.

6. listen to what is calling you

What was calling you in 2019 that you didn’t pick up on? Think back to ideas that inspired or excited you, and to cravings you ignored at the time. Honour these now by going back over them, and gift yourself time to fully explore them.

7. reconnect with yourself

Think back to a time when you felt truly alive, attractive and vibrant. Ask yourself what it was about this moment which made you feel this way? Write down every little detail you can remember, and visualise yourself there again. Feel anew the way you felt about yourself at that time. Consider what you might be able to do to recapture those feelings.

8. revamp your space

Declutter your home by clearing out any items that you no longer use, and try rearranging your favourite decorative pieces around your rooms for a fresh look. 

9. tune in with the seasons

The natural world has created the perfect blueprint for guiding us in how to manage our energetic ebbs and flows. You can learn more about how to recognise the lessons in nature’s seasonal cycles here.

10. meditate

Mediation reduces stress and anxiety, decreases the risk of burnout and increases self-awareness, focus and compassion – so we’d highly recommend giving it a go! If you’ve tried before and find it hard on your own, try following a video or download an app. 

11. create a nourishing morning routine

Carving out some time for yourself first thing in the morning helps set the tone for the day. You’ll find you carry the received joy and relaxation with you as you navigate the remainder, helping to increase your productivity as well as your general sense of mental wellbeing. For ideas and advice on how to do this, check out our article here.

12. step out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself to try something new, and you’ll find that your confidence will build. The thought of doing something you’re unfamiliar with can often feel scarier than the act itself, and you’ll likely find that stepping out of comfort zone is more expansive than you realised. Don’t push yourself too hard, work at stretching yourself gently while building towards bigger goals.

13. practice gratitude

Buy a journal and in it list 5 things you are grateful for every evening. Appreciate any little moments of beauty and wonder you have encountered throughout the day, from glimpsing a gorgeous sunset to bumping into a friend,  The key to the success of this gratitude log is in turning it into a habit – you’ll be amazed at how much your general wellbeing can be boosted by you keeping it going long term. 

14. get creative

Why not do something purely for fun this year? Try learning a new craft or an instrument, or pick back up a forgotten project that you always meant to finish. Don’t allow yourself to become fixated on the outcome – take a step back and simply enjoy the process of learning and creating. Let your imagination take over.

15. eat seasonally

When you eat in tune with the seasons by making small changes to your eating habits as you go through the year, you can begin to both feel and look better whilst maximising your energy and productivity.

16. follow your flow

Take time to tune in to your mind and body as you go through each day, asking yourself how you are really feeling. What is your body craving, is it trying to tell you anything? Consider how you can create space to follow your energy flow and nourish yourself more deeply.

17. walk

Going for walks, especially by yourself, provides you precious time and space to reflect and think without distractions. Leave your phone at home and allow your thoughts to wander.

18. create a nourishing skincare routine

Our skin needs different care from season to season – just as you adapt your wardrobe for the change in weather, so should you revise your skincare regime. Indulge in some new products each season, and spend time on a mindful daily routine which will see you glow.

19. ask for help

Make a list of the things you found overwhelming last year, and consider how you can get help from others to lessen your load. Accept that no one person can do it all – and that we all need help when things feel pile up.

20. have fun

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the thoughts of things we aren’t doing right, or the seemingly relentless list of things we need to do – but don’t forget that it is equally as important to let go at times, and enjoy yourself purely and without agenda. Think of a few things that you just love doing, and schedule in some regular time to treat yourself to these things.

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