Get outside.

Research has found that being outdoors in nature for as little as just 20 minutes a day can significantly boost your energy levels. Take the time to notice how the natural world around you is nourishing new life, and feel the sense of vitality this awakens within you. Incorporate this into your routine by getting off the bus a few stops early each day. Alternatively, combat that mid-day slump by taking a short walk on your lunch break.


Shake up your routine & try new things.

Sticking to the same exact routine week-in-week-out can put you into auto-pilot and cause you to become under-stimulated. To be at your most productive you need to be mentally alert and open to new ideas, so changing things up can help stir up the added momentum that’s needed for a productive Spring.

Start with three easy changes, such as making the bed, a new exercise routine, or taking a different route to work. Then on your days off, try doing new things, which might be outside your usual comfort zone.


Detox your diet and cleanse your gut.

Our digestive health holds a strong influence over our energy levels, so if you want to rid yourself of lethargy and tackle Spring with renewed vigour then detoxing your diet is a good place to start. A healthy digestive system should only use 10% of the energy we consume, but when our digestive systems are overworked more of this energy will be exerted breaking down food – leaving less for us to actually function on. Why not start with a 7 day detox plan to rid yourself of energy sapping toxins. Knowing you are actively taking steps to increase your overall heath and well-being will give you an extra boost, and a mental lift as well.


Make a fresh start.

The nurturing energy of Spring encourages to open up, so consider the important relationships in your life with a fresh perspective and an open mind. Make a list of anyone you would like to clear the air or reconnect with – it can be as easy as simple as reaching out and starting a new dialogue. Start by calling or texting a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or make plans to meet up with someone you regret losing touch with. Practicing forgiveness and understanding will lift any sense of emotional heaviness which may be unwittingly dampening your energy.


This article has been taken from the Spring Issue of Harmonizing Life.

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