appreciate everyday magic

While many misconstrue the word pagan connections to ‘magic’ as casting spells and mixing potions, modern paganism is far more concerned with the natural magic of nature. They believe in appreciating all the wondrous little moments and snapshots of beauty that surround us each day; those which we take for granted and forget to even notice. By opening your eyes to seemingly small details, you can better appreciate how incredible your world really is – spot a dandelion pushing up between the cracks in a concrete pavement and see not an everyday weed, but the resilience of nature. You will begin to gain a better perspective of your own sense of self within the broader landscape of the world, and feel enriched for it.

realign your connection to nature

Spend time outside – walk barefoot in the grass, paddle in the river or walk in the forest. Connecting with the earth allows you to feel more connected to life, and there is infinite value in simply remembering that you are a part of a greater biological system which can look after you, if you allow it to. Drinking in the scale of the world around also helps ground you; by looking at the bigger picture you may realise that you don’t actually need half of the things you think you do to be happy.

appreciate the gifts of each new season

People often have a certain time of year which they dread, but paganism focuses on seeing the value in each and every season. If you can learn to recognise the unique lessons and gifts offered by each new season, you will be able to feel more positive all year round. It is the way in which you perceive things that shape your moods andy our attitudes, and by realigning these perceptions you are able to realign your own happiness – and the way you view your own life. Seeing each season as a cause for celebration also stops you from wishing your life away for a significant chunk of each year, and instead allows you to live in the present and appreciate the here and now.

make intentions

Pagans believe that our thoughts have the power to influence our realities – and so, ‘intent’ is everything. This can apply on a broad scale, whereby if you learn to look at the positives in your situations, then you can change your attitude and live happier. On a more specific scale, if there is something you really want to achieve, then by truly believing you can achieve it you will become more likely to. This may just be because your confidence will increase, and you are being proactive in our own achievements, but the ‘how’ is less important than the end result. So focus your thoughts in positive manner and set some intentions for where you want to go and what you want to achieve, then see what happens!


This article has been taken from the Summer Issue of Harmonizing Life.

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