Spring is all about shaking up our routines to refresh ourselves physically and mentally. This makes it the perfect season for trying new things! We’ve picked out some activities that will refresh and energise you, and improve your health all at the same time!


Earthing is the practice of making direct skin contact with the Earth, in order to boost your health by absorbing charged electrical frequencies from the Earth’s surface. This can be as simple as walking barefoot outside, or sitting in the grass. The ground is abundant with free electrons, and our anatomy is conductive of these; meaning it couldn’t be simpler to connect with this natural energy source. Earthing has undergone much scientific scrutiny, but research has shown that the physical benefits are real and far reaching; from decreasing chronic pain and easing menstrual symptoms, to improving sleep.

Japanese Forest Bathing

Scientific evidence now supports the benefits of eco-therapies, such as the Japanese practice of forest bathing. Simply put, this means spending relaxed time in the presence of trees – not hiking or exercising amongst them, but just sitting or meandering in the woods. Trees emit various essential oils to protect themselves from germs and insects, and inhaling these can improve our immune system function, lower blood pressure and relieve stress levels. Regular exposure is key, and if you live in the city this can be achieved simply by spending time in parks.

Sea Swimming

The myriad components of seawater have antibiotic and antibacterial effects, which we can absorb through our skin. Sea mist is also full of negatively charged ions which we inhale. The benefits these elements combined transfer to our physical well-being are many and varied – including increasing your immune system function, improving circulation, promoting your overall well-being and hydrating your skin.

Nia Dancing

This creative dance-form is blended with martial and healing arts to integrate mindfulness and meditation techniques with the grace and fluidity of dance. Fun, and good for you!

Choir Singing

Singing stimulates circulation and exercises major muscle groups – and singing with others creates a feeling of well-being and reduces stress levels, through the release of endorphins and a sense of group achievement. If you sing regularly, it can also improve your mental alertness and posture, clear your sinuses and even boost your immune system. There are loads of different options depending on what level you want to start at, and what type of music you enjoy.

This article has been taken from the Spring Issue of Harmonizing Life.

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