Life coaching is not just a profession; I believe assisting in life transformation is one of the most precious gifts we can share with our fellow human beings. There are certain qualities a person needs to be a transformational coach. For many, the skills come as naturally as breathing; whilst for others skills can be learnt as time goes by.

At the Harmonizing Academy we are passionate about helping our coaches create an inspiring, successful business through the power of attraction. Instead of pushing, driving and striving to make business happen we simply begin by developing ourselves from the inside out.

Think for a moment about a speaker you have been drawn to, a woman who authentically speaks from the heart. Can you remember being drawn in by her passion and enthusiasm? Was she radiant, bright and shining? When we absolutely love what we do, when we are well rested and radiant, people are naturally drawn towards us.

At The Harmonizing Academy we know life feels so much easier when we are living on purpose, when our mind- set is positive and we have the energy and enthusiasm to do the work we love. Here are some tips for cultivating powerful attraction.

1. Know yourself

A woman who knows herself, knows what she’s good at; she follows her creative and intuitive impulses and recognises what comes naturally to her. She also knows what work drains her and delegates tasks to skilled professionals in order to hold onto her precious flow of joy. Understanding ourselves in this way helps us avoid wasting years doing things that kill our spirit, break down our confidence and stop our business from blossoming!

Remember, you are uniquely designed and wired like no other. You are such a unique and precious expression of life, you are here on this Earth to play your role. So tune in and follow what is natural and what attracts you. Do what is easy for you and what makes you feel passionate.

2. Gently support yourself

As a heart centred coaches or therapists, we naturally care for and protect those we love. As natural givers, we provide gentle support and motivation, encouraging others to become stronger and more resilient. Conversely when we find ourselves in the same situation, many of us ignore our own needs and feelings. Sometimes it’s difficult for givers to receive! Asking for a warm hug, a gentle conversation or some nurturing support is often all we need to keep life moving along smoothly. I wonder how easily you ask for support.

The next time you are struggling with your emotions, choose to be gentle kind and patient with yourself, in the same way you would treat a friend or a small, vulnerable child. Allow yourself to travel gently throughout this life with ease and grace. Avoid harsh expectations, criticism and judgement.

3. Follow your flow

As the saying goes ‘’Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes but no plans’’

Most businesses take time to flourish, Success definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Trust me; I’ve experienced the dizzy heights of success and the all-time lows.

When we are connected to our purpose it is so much easier to endure the tough times. However, when our work is forced or only driven by money, we lose the spark and work becomes tiring and a real ‘effort’.

Work out where you excel then begin to do more of it. Create a rhythm and flow to your daily/weekly schedule. Commit to a target audience, commit to your vision and commit to your purpose.

When the going gets tough or the results don’t come, adapt and find a different way to do things. Don’t give up!

4. Send Out Good Vibes

Everybody loves fun, up beat people right! Many times their jokes may not be so funny, but most often they send out good vibrations. We love high vibe people; they have fun with life, they ooze energy as they live in alignment with the Universal flow.

High vibes, your energy and your brightness will attract new clients towards you, on the flip side however, if you are feeling depleted or drained, you will need to work doubly hard to attract clients. Good energy and an open heart will draw more people to you. Making an impression will keep you in the minds of people you meet long enough for them to recommend you to others.

We understand that keeping your vibe high isn’t always easy. Try avoiding things that drain you or drag you down. Create strong personal boundaries to protect your spirit and keep you safe. When you let go people who drain you, you lighten your load.

5. Commit to Purpose

How many times have you come across the question ‘what is your purpose?’ For some people it may be a hard question to answer, however if you run a business built from a heart centred place, this question is probably a breeze to answer.

There isn’t only one way to express our purpose, it often comes in many different forms and throughout our lives we may move from one expression to another on our heart connected journey.Purpose fills our life with passion, it generates its own energy and it gets us out of bed in the morning – regardless of the pay!

When the heart lights up and purpose calls, it’s important that we take action and jump on board. I’ve learned that to manifest the calling of the heart it’s important to begin the journey gently but with 100% commitment.

There will be many temptations along your way to lead you astray from the path of your true calling, however with a committed heart and a strong connection to your intuitive guidance, you will be guided by synchronicity and resonance. Purpose truly is the journey towards  joy, meaning and fulfillment.

When someone is passionate and committed to purpose their energy is often electric. Their eyes are lit up and their heart’s call us to connect. Being with these people attract us into the Universal game of evolving consciousness.

Purpose is passion and passion attracts!



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