Whether you are having a stressful day at work, or you have an endless list of things to do, it’s perfectly normal to feel stressed from time to time.  

Whilst short outbursts of stress are not too much to worry about, long term continued stress can be seriously detrimental to our health

The good news is that you don’t need a spa weekend or a retreat to help relieve stress. Within our incredible human body, we possess the power to decrease the effects of stress in our lives in an instant.

We can begin to ease pressure and move us into a more harmonious state with only 5 minutes of a number of  daily activities .  

Engaging your senses, when you find yourself in a stressful situation is the key to quick stress relief. At the Harmonizing Academy, we believe our senses are the gateway to calming your mind and spirit, thus allowing you to cope with whatever life presents.

In this short blog post we have compiled a list of activities which can help you reduce daily stress. When we learn to handle small stresses effectively, the big stressors will not have such a great effect on us.

Most importantly, we advise to start small when practicing new ways or activities to manage stress. 

Begin with a baby step. If you find that certain activities don’t work for you,  try something else that is more suitable. The key is finding what works for you in different situations.

Stress Relieving Activities Using Your Sense of Sight and Visualisation

Your visual sense is a great way to quickly relieve stress and you may want to engage it as a method of relieving stress. If you a person that finds relaxation through things you can see or visualize, try engaging your visual senses in watching nature and the natural world, photography, reading a good book or watching a great movie. You can also use guided visualisation audio techniques or use your imagination to visualize something that brings you calmness and peace. Daydreaming is also a beautiful way to find peace and calm within, just 10 minutes daydreaming a day is a good start.

Stress Relieving Activities Using Your Sense of Listening

Similar to our visual sense, certain sounds can bring quick relief for many of us. Sounds of nature, rain drops, the ocean waves, soft tones or flute music is perfect for deep relaxation and quick distraction from the stressful situation at hand. It is a good idea to experiment with different sounds to find what soothes you the most. Build a playlist of different sounds on Spotify or YouTube. Some days, try sitting outside to listen to sounds of nature, play a relaxation CD or listen to your favourite radio show with your eyes closed.

Stress Relieving Activities Using Your Sense of Smell


Smells and scents are luxury also have an instant calming effective on our minds. If smells and scents are more your thing try burning some Aromatherapy oils or enjoy the aroma of scented candles. Experiment with different scents to find out which ones scents are good for specific emotions. Lavender is very calming, while eucalyptus and spearmint can be very uplifting.

Baking is also a great way to engage your sense of smell, the mixture of aromas and soothing movements can be very calming. Similarly, the smell of freshly brewed coffee or tea is one to look out for. Lastly taking regular walks in the countryside to enjoy the smells of nature.

Stress Relieving Activities Using Your Sense of Taste and Voice

Savouring different foods is without doubt a top way to relieve stress in an instant. There is nothing like a bar of delicious organic dark chocolate,  or a hot cup of freshly brewed tea in a cold winters day. It is common in our hurried lifestyle to rush food neglecting the layers of flavour and textures. Be careful not to use food as comfort or escape from our problems but rather, when you accept food as a luxury activity that doesn’t come often, you will take your time to enjoy and savour the flavours.

Using your voice is another great way to let out stress. Try activities such as singing in the shower, have a chat with someone who listens or try deep breathing exercises.

Stress Relieving Activities Using Your Sense of Touch

That touching or feeling different textures provide stress relief for many people. This can include stroking a pet, squeezing a stress ball, wearing soft clothes, baking a cake, play a musical instrument or have a massage.



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