Nourish your soul to REMOVE THE BURDEN OF NEGATIVE INFLUENCE from your life

Spring cleaning your soul clears space for a fresh start and a positive approach to the season – and year – ahead. Each new season offers us the opportunity to look inward, and take notice of what’s going on inside. Taking time to get to know yourself, and what is truly best for you, is the secret to being able to work hard and get things done whilst retaining a healthy life balance.

Practice Gratitude

Start by practicing gratitude. While this might sound like an airy concept, there have been many studies showing that practicing daily gratitude has a considerable effect on your general well-being. Keep a journal, and list out those things you are grateful for every evening – the key is to make a habit of this practice if you want a long-term boost. Appreciate any little moments of beauty and wonder which you encounter through the day – hearing a bird, seeing a plant or feeling the fresh air. Open your eyes to really see the world around you, and understand its value.

Clear out resentments

Refresh your spirit by working through resentments and negative attitudes you hold. Begin by forgiving yourself for anything you let slip during Winter; put it behind you and focus instead on what you want to do now. You need to renew your faith in yourself if you want to fuel motivation; so recognise your value by listing your abilities and positive traits. Identify any negative thought patterns which hold you back and turn them around – ask yourself what makes you resentful and work on giving these up.

Clarify your motives

Examine your routines, and your reasons for doing things. Work out what you do for others instead of for yourself, and place more priority on your own needs and desires. Create two lists of your priorities: one of how they currently stand, and the other of how you truly see them. Often we do things without questioning why, and by evaluating your motives you can better structure your time to suit your own agenda. Remember to factor in time just for you – think of anything you feel inspired to do, and how you can weave those things into your day. This could be as simple as taking a camera with you on a walk, and documenting little snapshots of beauty.

This article has been taken from the Spring Issue of Harmonizing Life.

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