As part of my new Harmonizing process, I love to use heart based intention setting to help align clients with their true na- ture as I guide them into living their fullest potential.

In contrast to mind centred goal setting formu- las which are based on creating a desired out- come, a strong supporting belief and an action plan to reach our goal, heart based intention setting is a much more gentle, natural unfolding process, one which complements the life we are already living and can offer immediate positive results.

Heart based intentions don’t put us under pres- sure; they actually work in the opposite way, they add immediate value to our lives and po- tentially take the pressure out of it.

To create our heart based intentions we need to cultivate the time and space to tune in to our deep emotional yearnings, as we begin to take time to listen to our cravings we will begin to hear the calling of our heart.


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