The Autumn Equinox is here and we’d like to share a little about what the new season represents and how to attune your energy.

As you move into Autumn, the weather is cooling and the days are shortening. With everything around you growing darker and slowing down, it’s time to allow yourself to mirror these changes and naturally drop into a state of retreat and reflection. As plants wither and leaves begin to fall from the trees, this is the perfect time to review; take influence from the ease and grace with which nature allows endings to unfold, and trust in life to let go of what needs to end. This will allow you to welcome the potential of fresh new beginnings in the months to come.

Autumn is also a period for harvesting your achievements following the fast pace of the Summer months. Move indoors; make yourself feel cosy, indulge in some nourishing self-care, and take time out for self-reflection. Use this period to consider which parts of your life you feel are stagnating, or what needs to be let go of completely.

Allow yourself to embrace the feeling of slowing down as you enjoy the space and time needed to revitalise, refresh and reflect. Only by recognising those aspects of our lives that we wish to change, can we begin to anticipate the fresh energy and sense of personal well-being that renewal brings.

Have a look at our Autumn Life Inventory article to help you to more fully embrace the change in energy, and align your priorities for the rest of the year.

Happy Equinox!

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