With last weekend marking the celebration of Imbolc, the halfway point between Winter and Spring, we’ve put together some tips below to help you embrace the seasonal boost to your energy and inspiration

As we skate past the point of midwinter, Spring is finally on the horizon; the daylight hours are lengthening, the sap is rising and the first signs of new life are awakening. Last weekend marked this seasonal transition with the Celtic festival of Imbolc, celebrating the powerful energetic shift within the natural world – a shift you’ll find mirrored in your own personal energy cycles. Thus far into the year your body and mind have still been craving the rest and recuperation of Winter’s deep slumber, but now your energy will begin to stir afresh and you’re likely to notice a new sense of momentum sparkling within. As with the flowers buds tentatively peeking through the soil, you’ll find that you, too, are beginning to thaw and rise towards the potential of Spring.

It is only the cycle of the traditional calendar which has impelled the notion that New Year is the ideal time to focus on renewing yourself – yet at this point in the season, your inner cycle is still coddled deep in hibernation mode. The Celtic Wheel of the Year offers another perspective, believing instead that the start of February is the more natural time to set your intentions; for it is only after the heaviness of Winter has begun to lift that you will be fully ready to shake yourself awake, and feel inspiration and optimism for the year ahead.

And so here we are, sitting at the perfect time of year to purify and cleanse ourselves both mentally and physically. We’ve put together some practices to help you to fully embrace this natural boost in energy and inspiration, and to set anew those good intentions from New Year.

Make a sensual connection with nature

The most powerful way to attune yourself fully with the dynamism of this period is to immerse yourself in nature, and allow your senses to connect with the outside world. Shrug off your winter cocoon and re-emerge into the world once more – go for a meander in the woods or along the seashore, and search out quiet places where you can simply switch off and absorb the sights, smells and burgeoning warmth of the new season. Feel the change in energy and allow it to revitalise you. See the flowers begin to burst into life and let them inspire you. Feel the sun on your skin and notice how it revives you. Feel the blood pumping as you walk, and sense how your body’s energy awakens within you.

Try also waking in time to greet the dawn and venture outside to watch the sun rise, and you will feel the sleepy slumber of winter begin to melt away.


De-clutter and cleanse your environment

To be able to fully harness the changing energy you must first shake off any auras of stagnation from long months spent indoors. Invite the energy of the outdoors inside – open your windows for as long as you can bare, forage for branches to use as decoration and fill your rooms with fresh flowers.  Cleanse your living space with a thorough clean and clear out. The process will lift a subconscious burden and will leave you feeling lighter mentally, as well as physically. It also helps to set intention for the year ahead, creating a refreshed mindset and sense of productivity that will leave you fired up and ready to welcome more positive energy into your life.


Mentally cleanse with a Candle Ritual

Treat yourself to a lovely new candle in a scent that you find joyful, then find a calm, comfortable spot and meditate gently over the candle’s flame. Begin by seeking out a sense of connection with your own inner flame – the passion and energy that ignite your core Spirit. Gift yourself space to allow your subconscious thoughts to rise to the surface – you will find new ideas, creative projects and fresh intentions will begin to clarify after the incubation period of Winter. These may feel different to the more conscious intentions set out at New Year, but let them flow freely and write down everything that comes to you.

Traditionally, those celebrating Imbolc worshipped the goddess Brigid – to whom fire was sacred – and so this ritual also allows a deeper connection with the Celtic celebration on a more Spiritual level.


Immerse yourself in inspiration at a Weekend Retreat

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