Tips for building confidence


Step 1: Listen to your true feelings

At times life can become so stressful you may even numb out to your own needs and feelings. Life events such as bereavement, divorce, a new baby, new job or redundancy can throw you out of sync with yourself. Maybe you don’t have time or space to check in with yourself and how you are feeling. The danger is once the difficult time is passed you become stuck in the habit of living with numbed emotions. You

may feel stuck or disconnected from your life and the truth is that in reality you may be stuck however by making some very gentle changes, you can get your life back on track.

Being gentle and caring towards yourself, starting with doable baby steps, not huge goals, is a way to begin to rediscover the your true self and celebrate the joy of life once more.

Self Care is a gentle way to melt stuckness and build the energy we need to begin to make life changes.

Take some time this week to listen closely to your inner thoughts & feelings. Notice feelings in your body or a quiet voice in your mind. Self Awareness is the first giant step in the process of change.


Step 2: Journal Your feelings

At times, your outer life may seem to be ticking along nicely, however, your feelings are telling you something isn’t quite right. At other times maybe you are feeling very in tune with your inner feelings but outwardly things may be chaotic and not how you’d like them to be. Checking in, taking some time out to write honestly in a journal, allowing your true feelings space to bubble up and surface, will nurture the delicate equilibrium between your inner and outer worlds. When you take time to do this, you gain perspective and can recognize where there is a lack of balance in your life. This process will truly empower and strengthen your self esteem.


Step 3: Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others. How do you feel you measure up to others? Do you compare yourself to your friends, family, work colleagues, passers-by or your Facebook friends? Notice the thoughts that pass through your mind as you do so. Observe how these probably mostly negative thoughts, are creating pressure and making you unhappy. Think of all the reasons you have to be grateful for being you and living the life you live. Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on everything we don’t have and in the process, we forget all that we have. When you begin to accept yourself and your life as it is, you will begin to thrive on your unique life path.

Being gentle and caring towards yourself, starting with doable steps, not huge goals, is a way to begin to rediscover the true wonder of you are.


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