At times life becomes so stressful that we may numb out our own needs and feelings.

Life events such as bereavement, divorce, a new baby, new job or redundancy can throw us out of sync. In this period of our life, we may learn to numb out our feelings in order to survive from day to day. This protection mechanism is completely natural however when we ignore our true feelings for an extended period of time, our lives may wander off track and one day we wake up questioning why we feel so unhappy or stuck.

The good news is that by making some gentle adjustments to the way we think and behave, we can begin to get our lives and our emotions back on track again.

To feel deeply confident and happy we must learn to hear, trust and follow our true feelings.

Being gentle and caring towards yourself, starting with doable steps, not huge goals, is a way to begin to connect with yourself and begin to enjoy life once again.

Here’s a little tip to help you on your way ….

For the next few days begin to tune in and listen closely to your inner thoughts & feelings.

As other people speak, gently tune into your inside voice. What are you really thinking about what they are saying? Is there a part of you which is disagreeing or protesting?

When you feel sad or low, take some quiet time to write down your true feelings. If your words are angry, resentful or judgemental, try not to be afraid of them. Once you begin to prioritise your true feelings and honour your own needs your negative feelings will change.

Write your TRUE feelings down in a journal  ~ you can always hide the journal!

Become aware of the ‘real’ voice behind your automatic polite responses.

Allowing your true feelings space to bubble up and surface is such a  gentle act of self compassion which will begin to nurture you into a place of clarity and balance.

When you take time to do this regularly, you begin to gain perspective of  what is creating chaotic or painful emotions.
With some practice you will soon learn to recognise your true authentic feelings.

Once you become aware of your thoughts, the next step is to begin to make some changes to your behaviour.
More on that later ….

Hope this helps.
Dawn xxx


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