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Would you like to become a         coach
who has the skills to


                   ENERGISE and

                       TRANSFORM LIVES?


to work with clients at a deeper level



we will give you the tools to…


  • Build clients self-confidence
  • Help clients cultivate resilience
  • Help clients restore life balance
  • Help clients activate life purpose
  • Guide clients in mindful life design


A little about               

Harmonizing Coaching

The Harmonizing Alignment Process (HAP) is an intervention designed to sit between the models of Coaching and Counselling. This life transformational coaching process has been created for individuals who feel stuck, bored, mildly depressed, unfocused, stressed or burnt out.

At Harmonizing we are all about heart! By re-setting core self-esteem, revitalising our energy and restoring our courage, the Harmonizing Life Alignment Coaching Process gently and organically guides us into inspired mindful life re-design, one with quality of life and vibrant well-being at its core















How Harmonizing Coaching Could ENRICH the

quality of your working life….

At the Harmonizing Academy we help you align both you

and your clients lives


                       PHYSICALLY and


If you are already a Coach, Holistic Therapist, HR Professional, Mindfulness or NLP Practitioner, the Harmonizing Alignment Process could add another string to your bow; deepening your relationship with existing clients, increasing your revenue stream by adding another service to your business and allowing you the freedom to work in alignment with your highest values each day.

AS YOU PERSONALLY EMBARK UPON THE JOURNEY OF BECOMING A HARMONIZING ALIGNMENT PROCESS COACH, you too will tune into your true authentic essence and begin to clarify a truly fulfilling life path. Your self-esteem will amplify as you activate the passion and commitment to grow a coaching business which is beautiful, unique, creative expression of who you truly are.

WE’VE DONE THE BULK OF THE HARD WORK FOR YOU, by creating powerful business tools and a stylish, grounded, ready-made brand. After only 5 full days of accelarated training at The Harmonizing Academy, you will leave prepared to facilitate your first trial coaching session.





At the Harmonizing Academy, you will first absorb the process on a personal level in order to incorporate it into your business model. You will flourish as you align with your natural gifts, and begin to cultivate an inspired life plan.

Our training is comprehensive. Because you already have a base qualification in working with people, once you learn to work with our process and become familiar with our resources, you will be equipped to begin coaching when you leave. Within 10 weeks of leaving the Harmonzing Academy, you could be working 1:1 with clients and charging for your services.

This ground-breaking 5-day personal development
programme with one of the UK’s leading
Lifestyle, Confidence and Well-Being Coaches is
guaranteed to impact your


  • You will experience boosted vision, confidence, and spiritual alignment on the coaching training week, and leave with the tools to integrate the Harmonizing process into your existing business
  • All training materials, workbooks, worksheets and resources are included in the cost
  • Once qualified you can advertise on The Harmonizing Academy website (£150.00/year) as you benefit from potential enquiries from Dawn Breslin’s TV appearances, book tours and public work
  • You will have FREE access to the buzz of our inspiring team of energetic Alignment Process Coaches in our private members support group
  • You will now work with clients which you would previously have sent to therapists
  • You will have the tools to naturally motivate and inspire clients who are not ready to take on the responsibility of traditional coaching and goal setting
  • You will experience boosted vision, confidence, and spiritual alignment on the coaching training week, and leave with the tools to integrate the Harmonizing process into your existing business
  • You will have access to the audio and written support materials for clients
  • You will have a Lifestyle Design Coaching Process which perfectly complements mindfulness work
  • You will have the tools to help clients who need Confidence, Well-being, Lifestyle or Life Purpose/Soul Coaching
  • You will be equipped to help individuals suffering from mild depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and burn out
  • You can offer this work to charities, or voluntary and social inclusion groups – this is deeply meaningful and inspiring work, helping the most vulnerable in society
  • You will enjoy the benefits of being part of an exciting and rapidly growing global brand
  • Each of the Alignment process coaching packages are supported by a range of FREE support tools; including factsheets, energy assessment tools and audio resources to aid mind-set realignment and mindfulness practice


  • You will reignite creative passion as you are inspired to cultivate a new business direction
  • You will access an inner peace from knowing your life is on track
  • You will feel an inner radiance from balanced energy and renewed clarity
  • You will boost your self-belief as you really hone your natural talents to make a difference
  • You will trust in the meaning of your life, and your place in the jigsaw puzzle of humanity
  • You will find the strength to make new lifestyle and business decisions
  • You will achieve inner balance and vitality as you no longer stress about future plans
  • You will increase your independence as you break away from the rat race
  • You will feel connected as you join a team of optimistic, positive coaches who want you to thrive
  • You will experience the energy & vibration to manifest an amazing life
  • You will thrive in the feeling that work is something you simple love to do each day
  • You will relax in the comfort of being part of a growing International brand
  • You will nurture a sense of fulfilment as you take your part in the role of helping humanity

Also included for your investment:

  • Official Qualification in Well-being and Lifestyle Design Coaching
  • All food, accommodation and refreshments at Lendrick Lodge
  • Free access to all client coaching support material
  • All training materials, workbooks, worksheets and client resources
  • FREE advertising on The Harmonizing Directory of Coaches (for the first year, £150 admin charge thereafter)

We are very excited to have our Spring 2018 course now available for enrollment.

Course Starts: 1pm on Wednesday the 7th of March 2018
Course Ends: 4pm on Sunday the 11th of March 2018

Normal price for this package is £3,000. Early bird offer £2750*
(expires 21st of December 2017).
*Available only on full price payment

There are only 10 places available on this programme and bookings are on a first come basis so don’t delay in letting us know if you would like to secure a place!

Book now to avoid any disappointment!

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