About Harmonizing Coaching

Emotional Wellbeing Coaching is an exciting new career at the forefront of proactive healthcare.

Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem overwhelm and burn out are increasing as many individuals feel the pressure to have, be or do more, causing them to step out of alignment with their true selves. People are yearning to make changes but just can’t imagine how.

With an increased desire to live with more balance, purpose and joy comes the need to work with someone who can help navigate their complicated lives.

With the right education and support, people can improve their energy, happiness levels, motivation, health, career, wealth, spiritual connection and sense of purpose. 

Harmonizing Coaches support clients through an empowering life re-alignment process, systematically strengthening them mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually by facilitating their journey to deeper self-compassion, self-trust and resilience. 

This dynamic, interactive and inspired personal growth and wellbeing process bridges the gap between coaching and counselling.


Would you like to have the confidence and the skillset to work with clients suffering from low self-esteem, stress and burnout? 

At Harmonizing we believe you have the power to create an extraordinary business. The Harmonizing personal growth and emotional wellbeing process offers you a template to play to your strengths. Whether you choose to do 1:1 sessions, group sessions or weekend retreats, you will transform the landscape of your client’s lives forever. This process will heal, energise and transform lives beyond your wildest dreams.

Being part of our International team of Harmonizing Coaches will equip you with the support, skills and resources to build a business you can be proud to call your own.

Whether you are about to launch a new business or you would love to reinvigorate your existing company, you have the opportunity with us to create something really special. You just need a little inspiration, a good sprinkling of new skills and an experienced industry leader to guide you.

Want to find out more? Arrange a chat by emailing dawn@dawnbreslin.com

22ND – 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021

The Harmonizing Academy offers an accelerated 5-day training programme, packed with exceptional content, knowledgable, passionate teachers and endless inspiration for you and your business. The experience will fully equip you to add Harmonizing to your existing skills and services, setting you up with a powerful set of transformational tools and resources, a stylish, ready-made brand and a new network of friends and teachers to support you as you begin to create an extraordinary business.   

Want to join our team of inspired coaches?

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Our next Academy will be held 22-26 September 2021.

Please contact Dawn directly at dawn@dawnbreslin.com to check availability before booking.

Cancellation policy for The Harmonizing Academy is in review due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
We will not be cancelling any courses, although we may need to postpone in line with government guidelines

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