My leap from being an air stewardess into the world of Channeling Universal Love Messages.

Back in 1990 I embarked on a career as a ‘hostie’. Flying from Japan to Africa to Australia, I happily partied my way around the world. I was later promoted to purser. I loved my job however through all the great times, I still had a silent, uneasy feeling that something ‘big’ was missing.

Tiring of the continual travelling and superficial lifestyle, I became increasingly aware of a number of synchronicities which were leading me in onto a different path. I finally began to reduce my flying hours and embarked upon a part time career as an accredited Reflexologist and then Reiki Master Teacher. Over the ensuing years, I continued to combine healing, teaching and flying and life even took me to Rio de Janeiro where I eventually established my own holistic practice and online inspirational newsletter. It definitely felt better however deep down, still something was missing.

And then it happened. I was sitting in bed one day, typing an article on my laptop when I suddenly became aware of an incredible feeling. It was so immensely beautiful and it increased in strength until I felt completely enveloped and gently held within it.

I felt my eyes shutting tight and I can remember feeling so overwhelmed by the feeling of love and beauty. Strangely I wasn’t freaked out by the weirdness of what was actually happening to me, this energy of Love was greater than anything I’d ever felt before. My hands began to type on the keyboard and this turned out to be my first experience of automatic writing.

These experiences continued to increase and strengthen and I would find myself in floods of tears as I experienced the intense bliss of it all.

But I was also terrified to tell anyone.Would they think that I was making it up… or even worse… was I just going nuts? So I chose to block it and carry on with normal life. My intuition and body yearned to follow this amazing energy but I let my mind completely override my heart.

It was only around 4 years ago that I finally gave in to my now screaming inner voice. I left Brazil to start anew in the UK. Synchronicity led me to a mentor, finances appeared from nowhere. It was such an incredible journey. My years of secret ‘experiences’ were now released and my heart was re-opened. As I relaxed into accepting my gift, the energy connection returned, it felt more intensely and more beautiful than before. In this moment I finally felt whole.

The miracle of redundancy came up at work and I just knew I had to take the leap of faith into working full time with this energy. Shortly afterwards, I was invited to become involved in a project with Jo Beth Young, a very talented artist and healer.

Before long we created The Illumination Oracle Deck and I began connecting with the energy to offer written readings with the assistance of the Illumination cards. The feedback from client simply blew me away.

People appeared to be having an emotional connection from the readings, they too could feel the love I was feeling and through this love they would feel immense love and compassion towards themselves. I guess the energy was helping people open doors to healing and helping them love themselves. The words from the readings and the deeply personal insights helped confirm peoples deepest knowing about themselves, they told me they felt seen, heard and understood.

Their hearts were touched and awoken and this was allowing them to innately reconnect with their true nature and soul path.

I call the energy Channelling Love, because that’s exactly how it feels. It’s a Love that goes beyond what our limited, human minds comprehend as love. Love is all healing and all knowing, and my vision is to help people awaken to their own truth and presence.

Every day is a journey of self discovery. I still face my own doubts and challenges on this incredible journey but I know that if we listen to our hearts and intuition, we are living our truth and there is no greater gift in life.


Sally Claridge Teixeira is an internationally acknowledged channel. healer and spiritual teacher based in Edinburgh. Having lived in Brazil and Hong Kong, and with a wealth of experience as an Usui & Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher and accredited reflexologist, she connects with her clients on a heart level that is both authentic and empowering. As the co-creator of The Illumination Oracle Deck and facilitator for the collective conscious energy of Channelling Love, she offers personal consultations, channelled readings, healing, workshops and the annual Safari Spirit retreat.



I have two of Sally’s 16 card channelling love readings per year. I find the readings amazingly insightful, filled with guidance and a wonderfully life affirming.

I’ve been stunned at the intimate detail about my life which comes through. It’s almost as if this energy is watching and guiding my life! (wild!)
I highly recommend all clients to have readings to give them the validation and encouragement on their Spiritual journey and to help affirm their intuitive hunches


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