One of the most powerful ways to establish a sense of balance in your life is to live in harmony with your powerful intuitive inner rhythms. Each of us has an inner clock that determines when we should wake up in the morning, when we should eat, when our energy levels are peaking and when it’s time for us to rest. Our unique intuitive rhythms determine the natural, harmonious ebb and flow of our everyday life. Rituals are a beautiful way to connect to your inner being throughout life. They can be powerfully symbolic and open the floodgates to a deeper connection to our Inner world.

Establish A Daily Shower Ritual 

Make a routine of indulging in this nourishing practice.

Give your body the luxury of knowing when the rhythm of rest and revitalisation are on their way.

Light some candles then intuitively choose an aromatherapy oil.

Choose your fluffiest towels and hang them on your radiator. Play some soft nourishing music, breathe deeply and relax.

Don’t wait until you’re feeling stressed agitated or wound up to indulge in your Shower ritual, make this routine a proactive practice to awaken your senses and enhance your health and well-being.

Below are 5 ideas to help you establish a wonderful daily shower ritual. At The Harmonizing Academy, we teach our coaches to help clients tune into and trust the wisdom of their natural inner rhythms.

1) Play some gentle music to set the tone for relaxation

Music is a powerful way to relax. Listening to music connects with our emotions and can have a tremendously soothing effect on our mind and body. Play a piece of music which makes you feel nourished, quiet and relaxed. I personally love this music by Sacred Earth.

2) The importance of mindful presence.

Listen to the sound of the running water as you stand in the shower, gently turn your attention to the temperature of the water as it caresses the landscape of your body. Consciously tune into any sensations as the water runs over your face and body. Enjoy the sensual experience of your shower ritual as you awaken a deep connection with the present moment. As you wash, do it gently and with presence, allow any judgement to melt away. Practice thanking your body for all that it does for you.

3) Use scented aromatherapy oils to change lift or soothe mood

Aromatherapy is the fragrant mind and body therapy that uses essential oils to heal everyday stress and influence your emotions.

Intuitively choose the oil which calls to you as you shower massage one or two drops to your skin to uplift your mood.
Treat yourself to luxury products to feel good – you deserve to feel good.
Creating your own sacred shower ritual can be a luxurious, life enriching treat or a beautifully sensual or spiritual experience if we choose it.




4) Shower in darkness with candle light to experience a more sacred ritual

Candlelight is the most ancient form of artificial light, it is associated with ceremony and relaxation. Candles add instant warmth and atmosphere to any space as well as alleviating stress and lifting your mood.

Turn off the lights and allow the candlelight to soften the atmosphere in your very own sacred space.




5) Love your body

Once you have showered, towel dry with some warm towels and thank your body for serving you.

Appreciate the softness of your feminine curves and body parts. Treat yourself to nourishing body oil and create a ritual of oiling your precious female body.

Affirm words like, “I love you dear body, I am so grateful for your support, I love each and every part of you, I love my breasts, I love my thighs, I love the softness of my feminine skin and tummy, I love the softness and gentleness of being. Immerse yourself in thoughts of deep nourishing self-love


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