In this season of self-reflection and rejuvenation, we have put together a list of self-care rituals that will help you to tune into the energy of Autumn and reconnect with your sense of personal well-being.

Relax by the Fire

The warm energy and flickering light of a wood-burning fire naturally creates a soft and inviting atmosphere; allow the comfort of the flames to melt away stress and ease you into a cosy sense of well-being. Whether you stoke up the fireplace and build yourself an indoor haven, or you wrap up warm and re-connect with loved ones around a bonfire, Autumn is the perfect season to appreciate the soothing energy fire can bring. 

Practice Self- Love

The changing pace of Autumn makes it the perfect time to allow yourself to slow right down and be truly indulgent. Be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to be pampered without any feelings of guilt. Make yourself a massive mug of hot chocolate, and make it delicious: lashings of cream and packed with marshmallows. Enjoy from the comfort of your sofa, or grab your gloves and take some time out to drink it in the garden.

Early to Bed

Early nights are essential during Autumn. Your natural rhythm is shifting: so allow time to properly rest and replenish your energy. Make your bed a sanctuary that you simply sink into – swap out that summer blanket, replace it with a plush duvet, and surround yourself with beautiful, soft cushions and pillows. Respecting your natural need to rejuvenate now will prepare you for when the pace picks up again come spring; and you will feel all the more motivated and refreshed for it.


Summer is fast: full of energy and full of doing. Recognise the shift in energy that Autumn brings and use the time for some self-reflection. Journaling evokes a mindfulness that allows you to process difficult emotions, define goals and increase self-awareness. Buy yourself a beautiful big notebook and set aside some regular time to fill it with your thoughts and feelings, no matter how big or small. By writing freely and openly, you will be amazed at the ease with which you begin to tune into hidden anxieties and ambitions – and the sense of release and focus that will follow.

Forgive and Heal

As the leaves fall from the trees, Autumn is the perfect time for letting go. Allow yourself to forgive, and move past painful or frustrating emotions that may be holding you back: whether consciously or subconsciously. List those things you want to let go of, or write a letter to someone you want to forgive, and then burn it. The sense of release and renewal that comes from dealing with negative energies makes room for new beginnings, and you will refresh your whole sense of well-being.

Try Something New

In many ways, this is the perfect time of year to start something new and refresh your focus. With courses and classes often starting right around now, seize the opportunity to create a new adventure and spark a renewed sense of motivation, passion and creativity. Explore your options with an open mind, and the possibilities may surprise you.

Nature Walks

Wrap up in your cosiest hat and scarf and head outside to embrace the vibrant, yet calming, energy that is nature in Autumn. As we enter this period we often feel slightly worn out, but by spending time outside and experiencing the seasonal changes firsthand, you can begin to feel more grounded and more in sync with your own natural cycle.

Try walking with someone you’re close to, and simply absorb the sights, sounds and sensations of your surroundings without speaking. The calm of this experience can feel bonding, as well as reinvigorating on a personal level.


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