The blueprint for great things lies within each of us. Like nature, we all started out on our life journey as a tiny seed of potential. At times we thrive in life and at other times we will may feel stuck or even frozen.

The reality is that your potential never evaporates, it’s always there. Sometimes we simply need a little nudge to connect with the memory of who we once were and how we once felt or we need a set of tools and a map to access our inner power and reactivate our confidence to follow our natural life path.

Here are five tips which can help you to begin to reconnect with your core nature:

Tip Number 1: Reconnect with your true feelings

Do you take time to think about how you feel when something doesn’t feel right? Do you trust your feelings or have you learned to numb them?

Just as a sculptor shapes stone, your feelings create what’s showing up in your life each day. When you feel great, generally you will have a positive impact on those around you. When you don’t feel so good, you may feel life is out of control and it’s difficult to find your ground through the stress worry and fear. Making a change – it all starts with assessing your thoughts and your feelings.

Negative thoughts lead our lives off track and to feeling sad and down. Butthereisawayoutofthemaze- awareness, noticing your thoughts, is the first crucial step to happiness. By tuning in to how you think and feel, you will begin to hear which thoughts are making you feel good and which are making you feel bad.

Each day track your thoughts in a journal. At the end of the day write down which thoughts made you feel good and which made you feel bad. Begin to question if your ‘bad’ feelings are actually true.

It too easy to lose ourselves in the swallowed words and strangled feelings you have held back, possibly for years, but there is hope! When you reconnect to feelings, you hold a key to clarity, freedom and an authentic life, living as the person you were born to be.

Tip Number 2: Review your bad habits

How much of what you say, feel and think is automatic?

If you looked at some of your habits you would probably admit some of them work against you. Life can become a series of habits, however it is possible to begin to make amazing life changes by first becoming conscious of our behaviours. Step back from your life for a day. Ask yourself why you are doing the things you do.

Take some time out to check in with yourself, Be honest and ask yourself – Do you yearn for a renewed sense of purpose, a feeling of ease, of living life on your own terms? If the answer is yes, begin to write down the reasons why you believe you can’t make the changes? Then question how you would help someone you love to make these changes in their life.

As the saying goes ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got’!
Being willing to let go our habitual behaviours is one of the first steps to becoming aligned with our true nature.

Tip Number 3: Who and what is draining you?

How much of your energy is being drained each day?

Are you tolerating people or circumstances which are draining you? Do you find yourself in an environment where you are unable to flourish?

We often tolerate being drained because we have formed a habit and we are somehow frightened to change it. Our friendships or commitments may feel reassuring on some level, however they may also make us feel stuck in a rut, resentful, angry, used or annoyed with ourselves. When you feel these negative emotions it impacts both your energy and your self-esteem.

Are you suppressing what you really want to say because you want to please others or you fear rejection? Ask yourself this. What cost is not speaking up having on you? Stifling your true voice, not sharing how you really feel and not speaking up when you need to can result in stunting your growth.

When you learn to say No to what you don’t want and dare to say Yes to the things you do, you will free yourself to be who you really are, you will begin to grow and move towards the opportunities you may previously only have dreamed of.

Tip Number 4: Celebrate Successes: Do you know how good you are?

Sometimes we forget about our qualities, talents and uniqueness.

It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves. So many of us mindlessly put others first and don’t’ make any time to cherish our own lives and achievements.

All of us have unique talents and gifts and we all have skills that we’ve learnt, but how often do you focus on telling yourself you’ve done a good job or stop to relish in a sense of achievement before you race on to the next thing on your list? Do you feel ‘big-headed’ or boastful if you praise yourself? Make a list of what have you achieved in your life so far, perhaps one of your greatest achievements has been to keep going in difficult times.

To build our self esteem we must learn to not be so hard on ourselves. Life can be tough and at times we can become bogged down with daily routines. When this happens we can lose sight of our own confidence, our strength and our internal spark.
Taking a moment out of your hectic schedule to go through some old happy photos can be a poignant reminder of who you are at your core.

Tip Number 5: Embrace Imperfection. Are you fearful of making mistakes or taking a risk and getting it wrong?

Schedules, structures and doing the same thing in the same way every day can help you run your life smoothly, but these very same things can also leave you feeling like there is no room for spontaneity in your life.

This can sap your life of joy. We could all use more joy right? Of course! But the stagnation of too much familiarity can cause you to become stuck as you slip into procrastination and fear.

You fear that you can’t take a chance because it ‘might not work out’, you think you’re not ‘good enough’ to make that leap of change so you stay where you are, you stick with what you know you will feel safe. You may fear failure, you start to even fear success as it would be so unfamiliar.

You get caught in the trap of living with predictability. You ignore the fact that life is a series of cycles of beginnings and endings. Ups and downs are natural and they are an important part of ensuring life has spice, variety and passion.

Taking tiny, baby steps into the unknown is the best way to cure your stuckness and your fear. Once you start that forward motion it is as if the Universe takes your hand and guides you, gently but compellingly towards what is in your heart.


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