Have you ever experienced a range of intense or swirling emotions out of the blue and wondered where they came from? At Harmonizing we’re fascinated about uncovering the causes of the emotional waves in your life. We’ve been looking into how these flashes of seemingly random, rollercoaster-like emotions aren’t only linked to our psychology or our hormone cycles, but can also be impacted by elements in the natural world.

People have long believed in a link between the moon’s cycles and changes in our mood and behaviour, but is there any truth in this and if so, why do we feel more emotional when the moon is full? 

One explanation looks to the huge influence which the gravitational pull of the moon has on water – we can clearly see this in the way the moon’s cycle impacts the tides, particularly during a full or new moon. Human bodies are made up of 70% water, and so it is conceivable that the gravitational pull could also have an effect on our own biology and resulting psychology. This would mean that the moon’s influence on our energy is embedded unconsciously, yet able to impact our inner world and our deeper patterns of thinking and feeling.

Some things to watch out for when there is a full moon:


  1. Magnified emotions, good or bad
  2. Intensified feelings – beware of over-reacting
  3. A surge in energy
  4. A sudden clarity in your thinking
  5. Feeling destabilised
  6. Feeling moody


Some things you can do to balance your emotions when there is a full moon: 

  1. Meditate
  2. Dance to release energy
  3. Harness your deeper subconscious thoughts by journaling
  4. Release emotional baggage – try lighting a fire and burning a list of what’s no longer needed in your life
  5. Don’t allow yourself to make rash decisions
  6. Try not to sweat the small stuff


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