If you would like to find a way to boost your

confidence and find the courage to change the way you

are feeling right now, read on, WE CAN HELP YOU…

The Harmonizing Alignment Process is a ground breaking new lifestyle & well-being coaching system designed to radically improve the quality of


Embracing The Harmonizing process immediately creates the internal space and imagination we need to re-imagine life; one where we feel liberated, energised and balanced each day. Harmonizing builds up our confidence, awakens our motivation and activates the energy we need to make the necessary adjustments to move into energetic, emotional and physical balance.

         These are some signs which suggest you may be

living OUT OF ALIGNMENT with your true self right now:

You experience anxiety, low mood or mild depression

You feel stuck, and fearful of the future

You feel tired and exhausted

You feel like your life is passing you by

You feel negative or complain a lot

You question your abilities

You compare yourself to others

You suffer from aches, pains and regular viruses

Your confidence is low

You feel constantly overscheduled

You feel overwhelmed

You drink wine or take drugs to relax, or escape your feelings

You feel self-conscious

You feel insecure

You are constantly looking after other people’s needs

You feel resentful

THE HARMONIZING ALIGNMENT PROCESS is a gentle, creative journey
of self-enquiry and life re-design. It will help you heal and
transform stress, exhaustion, fear, insecurity, overwhelm and
general life stuck-ness!



Score each of these segments using a scale of 1-10

Add all scores together for your final total, and check results below:


Life probably feels difficult and painful for you right now. You feel ungrounded and out of balance. Your confidence is shaky and you probably feel like you are struggling through life. You lack energy and may feel drained. You are experiencing regular bouts of mild depression, low mood or anxiety.


0-40 – TLC required


Life feels good some days and others, less so. You find it difficult to prioritise your own life, but you do try. Some days you feel stuck and frustrated. You love your life and on other days you wish you could trade it to follow your heart more!



40 – 60 – Gentle attention and

re-balance required

Congratulations! You have done some great personal development work. You are connected to your confidence and personal power. Most days you love the experience of being alive. You have learned to prioritise your own needs and by doing this you have opened the door to expressing yourself fully in this world.


60-80 – You are in your Power!

  • We’ll help you build your CONFIDENCE up

At Harmonizing we know that self-love and self-compassion are the foundation for a beautiful life. Learning to love and accept ourselves reduces any inner pressure and turmoil, paving the way for us to authentically express ourselves and our true feelings in life.

This process will clarify who your true self is. It will eliminate beliefs you have about who you should be, based on lifelong conditioning or other people’s expectations. Through this clarifying process your future desires will have space to begin to emerge also. Imagine knowing who you are and what you want from life!

  • We’ll help you feel more COURAGEOUS
                                                                   & RESILIENT

Living your life with a wide open heart and clear boundaries is healthy. Learning how to express your true needs cultivates resilience and self-confidence. Harmonizing will help you clearly identify your needs then support you to build the courage to express yourself with ease. Imagine speaking up for yourself with ease and grace!

  • We’ll help REVITALISE your ENERGY

Learning to deeply nourish and care for yourself increases your energy; it makes you look more radiant and beautiful. When you learn to manage your energy system by nourishing, supporting and taking good care of yourself, life becomes easier and your productivity soars. Learning to manage your inner rhythms, tuning in to determine when it’s time for activity and when it’s time to rest can dramatically improve your quality of life, health and well-being. Imagine working less and achieving so much more!

  • We’ll EMPOWER you to follow your

Learning to live your life in alignment with your deepest desires and true values takes courage. When we learn to let go the fears, expectations and attachments which limit us from following our soul’s wisdom, we can begin to open the floodgates to new levels of energy, vitality and emotional fulfilment. Imagine living your ideal work day with space to enjoy life and simply be you!

  • We’ll INSPIRE you to create new
                                                       LIFE DESIGN

Learning to mindfully plan and design your life begins by imagining the way you would love to live it. By trusting your soul’s guidance and by opening up your heart we plug into the Universal flow of life and begin to attract new exciting opportunities towards us. Imagine a life design which supports you to express your full potential whilst balancing life, work and time out for yourself!


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