The Harmonizing Alignment Coaching Process is a unique philosophy for living which can be easily incorporated into your existing business model. As a coach, therapist, mindfulness practitioner or yoga teacher it will enrich your skillset, deepen your relationship with existing clients and increase your revenue stream by adding another service to your business. This dynamic coaching process can be adapted creatively to enhance the way you deliver your coaching or training, allowing you the freedom to work in alignment with your highest values each day.
In this Coach in the Spotlight series we speak to different practitioners each issue who have completed the Harmonizing Alignment Process Coach training and incorporated it into their businesses in creative and inspiring ways.

Here we caught up with Elizabeth Doherty, who completed the course in October 2017.

Hi Elizabeth! Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a trained counsellor and in my coaching work I combine the Harmonizing coaching process with my own skills in CBT, integrative counselling and coaching.
I’m gently growing my coaching business, alongside my role as a Career Guidance Counsellor for an organisation who support people with learning difficulties. With 17 years’ experience in career guidance counselling in schools, I’ve always loved guiding individuals to recognise their potential and follow their heart.

How are you using your training?

Within only a few months of doing my Harmonizing training I find myself delivering weekly Harmonizing workshops to a group of women who are exhausted by life’s challenges. I’ve noticed that each of the ladies are burnt out and disconnected from their true selves.
This work is both challenging and hugely rewarding. Nothing quite compares to the experience of being part of the process of someone’s healing and growth. I absolutely love it.

Tell us about the results you are achieving by using the Harmonizing Coaching?

In a word, I am overwhelmed! I am convinced Dawn has put some magic potion into the HAP formula because it just creates miracles! Whenever I am in the Harmonizing space I feel I am in a very special soul space which allows for healing to occur. One client has said to me she had been through several rounds of sessions in CBT and other talk therapies and has not found it as effective as Harmonizing. Another client, since we started, has lost a stone in weight, reports a change in her mind-set, has cut back on her anti-depressants (under GP supervision), has gone from working part-time in a voluntary role to a full-time paid permanent position in a job she loves and has gained so much confidence. And she hasn’t even finished the process yet! It is not only the women; I am taking men through the process too, who it equally works for!

What attracted you to Harmonizing?

Last year I felt the need to upgrade my coaching skills and got busy searching for the right training. A friend, who had previously trained with Dawn, suggested her Harmonizing Academy. Once I read about the Harmonizing Process on her website it resonated so deeply with me that within 24 hours I had booked my place on the Autumn course!
Dawn’s passion and conviction for the HAP is contagious! I’m so glad I trusted my intuition as The Academy delivered above and beyond my highest expectations. The training ticked ALL my boxes. It is holistic; encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of the person. It brings our awareness into the rhythmic and cyclic nature of life and the deep wisdom of our female bodies and to top it all it connects us into the connectivity of everything.
I learned so much about how to bring our body, mind and soul into alignment. The HAP offers a full toolset to do this. Within this toolset I am convinced there lies a sprinkling of magic which delivers the highest levels of healing too.
This system is so different from the more traditional models of life-coaching. It is new, multi-dimensional, versatile and, as the song goes, what the world needs now!

What have you learned personally from embarking on the process?

I have learned so many things and I am still learning daily!
Initially I learned to get more in touch with my own intuition; becoming more familiar with it, listening to it and trusting it. That trust has deepened. The process has given me a huge injection of self-belief and a massive sense of life purpose. It gave me the focus and determination I needed to live more authentically and to follow my own path which is essentially in the healing arts.
The process has also provided me with a fantastic support group of like-minded ladies, with whom I can share and mutually support as we take this process out into the world – and as we live it ourselves. And with Dawn, our power house at the helm, how can we go wrong? She is a great teacher and leader and is continually giving great support at every turn. It is a very empowering, transformative and fulfilling process.

How does Harmonizing differ from other coaching models?

The original coaching model was based on sports coaching and that is very masculine in nature. The Harmonizing process incorporates the feminine; which is much needed to create the balance and feels more wholesome. I think Harmonizing is much more modern, multi-faceted, accessible to everyone and timely. It’s got a lot more heart and soul!

What’s your vision for using the Harmonizing Process?

Incorporating Harmonizing into my business has already opened doors for me to share the work in wellness centres, workplaces and even schools. I believe it can be adapted to suit every age group, male and female, individual or group.
It has given me a powerful structure to work from and to which I can add my own skillset, helping me to adapt to the specific needs of each group or client I am working with.
My vision is to work alongside other holistic practitioners in Wellness centres and help deliver women wellness retreats that would incorporate other forms of healing such as meditation, emotional self-care, seasonal nutrition with living food to balance hormones and reduce stress and anxiety, yoga etc.
As I mentioned earlier the process has prompted me to venture down the holistic therapy path, which is a new departure for me. It has been a rollercoaster of delight, discoveries, personal growth and transformation since I started with the HAP and I am very excited at the prospect of where it may lead in 2018 and beyond!
I can’t wait to jump into this work on a full time basis. Travelling with it is part of my current lifestyle design and vision!


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