The Harmonizing Alignment Coaching Process is a unique philosophy for living which can be easily incorporated into your existing business model. As a coach, therapist, mindfulness practitioner or yoga teacher it will enrich your skillset, deepen your relationship with existing clients and increase your revenue stream by adding another service to your business. This dynamic coaching process can be adapted creatively to enhance the way you deliver your coaching or training, allowing you the freedom to work in alignment with your highest values each day.

In this ‘Coach in the Spotlight’ series we will speak to different practitioners who have completed the Harmonizing Alignment Process Coach training and incorporated it into their businesses in creative and inspiring ways.


Zoe Rodgers is a Holistic Coach and Meditation Teacher, working with clients one to one and in group workshops. She completed the Harmonizing Coaching programme to enrich the Heal Your Life work she already offered, and found it changed her life personally as well as professionally.

CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE WAYS IN WHICH YOU WORK HOLISTICALLY WITH YOUR CLIENTS? Holistic coaching enables people to achieve fulfilment, peace of mind, purpose, clear vision, self-belief and security in mind, body and soul.  I achieve this by working with the whole person: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This way of working helps create a strong foundation of self-confidence and results in clients building better personal and professional relationships. I am passionate about creating a safe space where my clients feel comfortable to open up and share without fear of judgement.

I support people in using all of their ‘collective intelligence’; by this I mean their insights, awareness, rationality, wisdom, emotion and creativity. I also use meditation as a tool to help my clients connect deeply with themselves to create a greater feeling of inner harmony, flow and peace.

Nature forms a significant part of my teaching too. I introduce the benefits of connecting to nature and encourage my clients do this in whatever way feels best for them; whether that is to simply walk in nature, to swim, or by using nature-based metaphors in my coaching. Connecting to nature helps clients to improve their mental and social wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety and increase positive mood and self-esteem.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO HARMONIZING? I was attracted for a number of reasons. The first was the strong feeling I felt when I looked into the Harmonizing philosophy. The teachings resonated deeply; I felt an instant connection with the material. I discovered the training one lazy Sunday afternoon, and I knew immediately that I had to incorporate this methodology into my life and into the work I do. Within hours of reading the material for the first time I was on a train to Edinburgh, ready to begin my Harmonizing journey with the beautiful soul that is Dawn Breslin. I knew this training would complement, and even complete, the ‘Heal Your Life’ work I already offered.

HOW HAS APPLYING THE HARMONIZING PHILOSOPHY IMPACTED YOUR WORK? It has taught me to trust in the mystery of life, it has shown me how to surrender and allow the natural flow of life to work through me. The tools I learned showed me how to trust my intuition, and the practice taught me to be open and receptive to the infinite possibilities in life.

HOW HAVE YOU INCORPORATED THE HARMONIZING PHILOSOPHY INTO THE SERVICES YOU OFFER, AND IN WHAT WAYS HAS IT ENRICHED YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS? I weave the Harmonizing process throughout my work. It offers more ease and gentleness in the way I support my clients. The process mixes rest and recharge with motivation and inspiration. It shows us how to align with our truest nature and allows us to honour ourselves from a much deeper level in mind, body and spirit. The system also helps us to tune into the ebbs and flow of life. It allows time to rest and cocoon, then inspires us to confidently rise up when the time is right. I adore the work I do and Harmonizing has definitely impacted it; I feel alive when I teach the Harmonizing philosophy. It opens my heart up to the world and feelings of oneness. The online Harmonizing community is so valuable to me also – I feel blessed to be a part of it.

HOW DID THE HARMONIZING COACH TRAINING COURSE IMPACT YOUR LIFE PERSONALLY? My life has completely changed for the better. I am so much more forgiving and gentle with myself than I was before. I honour myself and my time; I am rocking and rolling with life, and this reflects back out to my family, friends and clients. I fully accept my own sense of authenticity, and I see my life purpose so clearly now. This keeps me focused on how I serve my calling, as well as on the world around me. I feel so blessed to do the work I do; it serves as medicine for my soul. My work is my life; I live and breath it, and for this reason I am so grateful.  I am a firm believer that when we are on purpose we are truly living -and everything then aligns perfectly.

YOU SPECIALISE IN WORKING WITH PEOPLE LIVING WITH CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS, SUCH AS FIBROMYALGIA; WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK US THROUGH HOW YOUR COACHING PROCESS CAN HELP WITH SUCH CONDITIONS? My coaching is all about self-love and acceptance, and this comes in all forms dependent on the client’s individual needs. I work through blocked emotions and limiting beliefs with them, and this creates a shift inside the body. I support my clients to self-love, to honour their mind and body connection and to move past old beliefs that keep them stuck with the illnesses they carry within their bodies.

I have experienced Fibromyalgia personally and am living proof that the mind and body connection is real. I am free of Fibromyalgia and of the chronic health problems that I was told I would have for the rest of my life. I believe my personal journey and experience with these illnesses was created from trauma and child abuse; to free myself I worked on forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and letting go.

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