The Harmonizing Alignment Coaching Process is a unique philosophy for living which can be easily incorporated into your existing business model. As a coach, therapist, mindfulness practitioner or yoga teacher it will enrich your skillset, deepen your relationship with existing clients and increase your revenue stream by adding another service to your business. This dynamic coaching process can be adapted creatively to enhance the way you deliver your coaching or training, allowing you the freedom to work in alignment with your highest values each day.

In this ‘Coach in the Spotlight’ series we will speak to different practitioners who have completed the Harmonizing Alignment Process Coach training and incorporated it into their businesses in creative and inspiring ways.


Heather Gweneth Bird is a yoga instructor and wellness coach, who was inspired by the Harmonizing Coaching sessions to change her career focus; leaving her position as Director of global clinical research to focus on teaching yoga to local and corporate groups. She now works the process into all of her client work, and has found that it perfectly complements her passions for yoga and reiki.

CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE DIFFERENT ELEMENTS OF YOUR BUSINESS? After a series of Harmonizing coaching sessions I made the jump from being a director of global clinical research, to teaching yoga to local and corporate groups. I also offer The Harmonizing Alignment Process to one-to-one clients and tailor make the modules to include yoga and Reiki; which I love. Each week I offer ‘Feel Good Friday Yoga’, coaching workshops and ‘Self Care Sunday Yoga’. Once a month I offer day retreats. I absolutely love this work.

CAN YOU TALK US THROUGH THE WAYS IN WHICH YOU WORK HOLISTICALLY WITH YOUR CLIENTS? My yoga and coaching workshops are aimed to reduce stress and induce a feeling of wellbeing and calm. I do this by helping clients connect with their inner natural rhythms and true feelings: through using mindful movement to connect individuals with the mind and body, and ‘The Harmonizing Alignment Process’ to explore thoughts and feelings.

IN WHAT WAYS DOES THE HARMONIZING PHILOSOPHY FIT IN WITH YOGA PHILOSOPHIES? Yoga is all about balancing the internal energies within the body to find a ‘flow’ state throughout the energetic channels. Part of Ashtanga yoga is the study of the ‘self’ – and this awareness is complemented beautifully by the sessions in The Harmonizing Alignment Process (HAP).

The HAP is a series of powerful self-discovery exercises that balance our masculine and feminine energies. In yoga we too are focused on balancing both sides of the body and mind. We do this through recognising that the left hemisphere of the brain governs the right side of the body – our masculine, logical, action orientated side: and the right hemisphere of the brain governs the left side of the body – our feminine, creative, nurturing energies.

There are so many similarities between The Harmonizing Alignment Process and yoga. For example, Dawn’s metaphors and exercises fit perfectly with the yoga poses. Dawn works with the inner child, and yoga has the ‘child’s pose’; Dawn talks about staying in your boat and being authentically connected to yourself, and we have the ‘boat pose’ in yoga; Dawn nurture’s the Divine Feminine energy within us and we also have the  ‘goddess pose’ – the connections are endless!

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE HARMONIZING PROGRAMME? I was drawn to the link with healing through nature. I’ve always loved nature and recognised it to be a healing force. Dawn’s passion for the programme also attracted me. Once I had been through the process I understood how powerful it was – and my clients now feel the same way. It is life changing.

HOW HAVE YOU INCORPORATED THE HARMONIZING PHILOSOPHY INTO THE SERVICES YOU OFFER, AND IN WHAT WAYS HAS IT ENRICHED YOUR PREVIOUSLY EXISTING BUSINESS? As mentioned above, it fits very well with yoga and Reiki. I have many friends disillusioned in corporate jobs and suffering from burn out, so I know there is a true need to encourage others to evaluate their lifestyles and the direction of their lives. Harmonizing has allowed me another arm to my business, and enabled me to diversify with the workshops and retreats I offer.

HOW DID THE HARMONIZING COACH TRAINING COURSE IMPACT YOUR LIFE? Hugely! It gave me the courage to finally leave the corporate and pharmaceutical world. It put me in touch with my true calling – holistic healthcare – and it taught me to trust in my own nature, and in the greater nature of life itself. I am so much happier on this path. It also allowed me to improve my self-confidence and self-worth; which has improved my relationships and life in general. I am very much in tune with my natural rhythms and the greater energies that surround us each day.

WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR YOUR BUSINESS GOING FORWARD? I’m excited about the future! In 2018 I’ll be expanding my business to run two 4-day retreats. My dream is to open my own holistic health care studio and continue to change other’s lives for the better. I also plan to continue to collaborate with other providers on retreats. Harmonizing coach Pamela Anderson will be offering Tibetan sound bowl healing during my next ‘Self Care Sunday’ day retreat, which will be held near Glasgow on November 5th this year.

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