The Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coaching process has been created to easily integrate with your existing business. This allows your own personal passions to continue to fuel the focus of your business, with Harmonizing acting to complement and enhance these existing skills.

We’d like to introduce a few of our graduates, to show some of the inspiring and varied ways our Coaches have chosen to weave Harmonizing into their existing services.

If you are looking to experience Harmonizing Coaching personally, the button below will take you to a list of some of Certified Coaches currently taking on new clients.

Mel StahlCertified Harmonizing Coach, Emotional Wellbeing & Happiness Coach, Nia Black Belt Instructor


Melanie Stahl specialises in teaching Nia – a fusion of dance, martial arts and mindfulness which tones your body while transforming your mind. The holistic nature of Nia practice made her an excellent candidate for the Harmonizing Consultant training, which went on to allow her to add one-to-one coaching services to her business. Within only a few months of becoming certified, Mel has also gone on to offer Girlfriend Getaway Retreats which are a unique combination of Harmonizing and Nia, and are hosted from a stunning nature retreat nestled in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Here she tells us how she has found the two therapies to complement each other:

Nia and Harmonizing both guide us to be the best versions of ourselves, without pain and without judgement. Both have a gratitude practice and encourage us to find our natural rhythm and flow. They teach us how to move through the world in ways that feel good and bring joy to the body, mind and spirit.

In both practices we are given permission to create boundaries, to feel and to let go. Most importantly we are given the space to co-create. In Nia, it is with our bodies, with music and movement, and with our communities. In Harmonizing, it is with the universe.


Whether you are looking to shift your life, inspire your clients or create positive change within a team, I would recommend Dawn Breslin over and over again. Her Harmonizing coach training was absolutely amazing. Her approach to coaching, speaking and training is soft yet confident, loving yet powerful. She backs it all up with experience and moves through the world with so much love and connection.


Sylvia BaldockCertified Harmonizing Coach, Professional Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Author


Sylvia is an International Personal & Business Coach, who completed her Academy training in March this year. In the few months since fully qualifying, she has already seen the integration of Harmonizing boost her business services and client relationships. Sylvia has begun running The Harmonizing Alignment Process with several clients, as well as her business Mastermind group – and cites the resulting transformations as ‘remarkable’. One CEO has been so impacted by the process that he went on to book Sylvia to take 3 of his Senior Directors through the process. 

The Harmonizing Alignment Process has not only changed my life, it has transformed the lives of the clients I have coached through it and made all our lives much richer and more purposeful.

Dawn is a glowing representation of everything she teaches. She absolutely walks her talk with a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom that is totally inspiring and transformational. Training with Dawn was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jen Wood – Certified Harmonizing Coach, Wellbeing Consultant, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach


Prior to attending The Harmonizing Academy Jen had completed extensive psychotherapy training, yet lacked the confidence to promote herself as a coach. Her experience changed all that, and Jen now offers ten-week Harmonizing life alignment programmes for one-to-one clients, from her vibrant wellbeing space in the idyllic Restoration Yard at Dalkeith Country Park. She also plans to combine the Harmonizing Alignment Process with her other therapies, to boost client experience and allow a tailored approach to each individual.

Here she tells us what she particularly likes about Harmonizing as a coaching method:

I loved the emphasis on self-care and slowing down and breathing, and becoming more in tune with nature… it was the missing link in all my other therapies.  I also liked that it combined aspects that I was familiar with, while also introducing me to new ideas about the feminine cycle and the cycles of nature.




I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with such an inspiring coach and to join such a supportive and skilled Harmonizing family. Already the group that I trained with, as well as others who have trained before me, have supported me in ways I didn’t think possible.

The personal and professional impact of this course on my life was profound, far exceeding my expectations. It has offered me a way to do the work I love, with a process that is adaptable to my existing clientele.


Heather Gweneth Bird – Certified Harmonizing Coach, Yoga Instructor, Life & Business Coach


Heather felt so inspired after delivering her first series of Harmonizing coaching sessions that she made the life-changing decision to leave her position as Director of Global Clinical Research, to commit fully to her true passion of holistic healing. Heather now teaches Yoga to local and corporate groups, as well as offering The Harmonizing Alignment Process to one-to-one clients – with some of the modules tailored to include Yoga and Reiki, as these as her main passions. She also plans to expand on this combination to offer 4-day retreats.

Here she explains how she combines Yoga with Harmonizing:

Yoga is all about balancing the internal energies within the body, an awareness complimented beautifully by the sessions in The Harmonizing Alignment Process. My yoga and coaching workshops are aimed to reduce stress and induce a feeling of wellbeing and calm. I do this through using mindful movement to connect individuals with the mind and body, and Harmonizing to explore thoughts and feelings.”


The Harmonizing Academy Training Programme impacted my life hugely! It gave me the courage to finally leave the corporate world completely, and enabled me to diversify with the workshops and retreats that I offer. Going through the process ourselves for the first 3 days showed me how powerful it is – and my clients now feel the same way. It is life changing.

Elizabeth DohertyCertified Harmonizing Coach & Career Guidance Counsellor


Elizabeth is trained in CBT and integrated counselling and coaching, and was looking to upgrade her skills in order to grow a coaching business alongside her role as Career Guidance Counsellor. Only a few months after completing The Harmonizing Academy programme she began taking weekly group workshops in The Harmonizing Alignment Process, and also now offers one-to-one coaching sessions to help heal and grow clients suffering from burnout and disconnect.

Here she recounts some of the transformations she has witnessed taking clients through Harmonizing:

One client has said to me she had been through several rounds of sessions in CBT and other talk therapies and has not found it as effective as Harmonizing. Another client, since we started, has lost a stone in weight, reports a change in mindset, has cut back on her anti-depressants (under GP supervision), has gone from working part-time in a voluntary role to a full-time paid permanent position in a job she loves and has gained so much confidence. And she hasn’t even finished the process yet!


Incorporating Harmonizing into my business has already opened doors for me to share the work in wellness centres, workplaces and even schools. It has given me a powerful structure to work from and to which I can add my own skillset, helping me to adapt to the specific needs of each group or client I am working with.

I learned so much about how to bring our body, mind and soul into alignment. The HAP offers a full toolset to do this. This system is so different from the more traditional models of life-coaching. It is new, multi-dimensional, versatile and, as the song goes, what the world needs now!


Sue ClarkeCertified Harmonizing Coach, NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

Sue attended the Academy to help expand her coaching business, and found the biggest surprise was not just the increase in skill and vision it provided but the profound impact that learning the process had on her personal wellbeing also. The intention behind her coaching was always to help clients break through their often self-imposed limitations, to discover their true selves and release them into a fuller life where they can achieve their dreams and desires. She found that Harmonizing facilitates exactly this, and the Harmonizing Alignment Process has now become the focus of her business.

Here she tells us how Harmonizing has affected her business:


Harmonizing has had a massive impact on my working life. The process is liberating and exciting, and has brought about dramatic changes in the women I have guided through it. Witnessing the powerful impact on my client’s lives is moving and energising for me, and I feel blessed to be in such a position.” 


Everything about the process resonated deeply with me, and I felt nourished and restored throughout my mind, body and spirit. I emerged more passionate about coaching than ever, and with a strengthened determination to set up my own business to offer Harmonizing to others. I felt I’d discovered something very precious; something I needed to share.



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