The Harmonizing Philosophy

The Harmonizing philosophy, which underpins The Harmonizing Alignment Process has been greatly influenced by observing how Nature self-sustains, grows and thrives even through adversity. Applying the same guiding principles to our own lives, we too can discover new sustainable and vibrant ways to live and thrive.

If you pour concrete over a tiny seedling, it is naturally programmed to find its way through the darkness, back into the light. You too are naturally programmed with an inner guiding intelligence which will lead you out of difficult situations, emotions and feelings. This powerful inner resource often lies dormant however by re connecting with our inner wisdom we will find our way back to inner strength, energy and radiant vitality.

All you need to do is tune in, trust and follow.


When you learn to reconnect with your inner rhythms and feelings, balance is restored and your life will begin to fall into place. The benefits of this inner connection are far reaching both for you and the ones you love.

Each of us have an inner clock that determines when we  should wake up in the morning, when we should eat, when our energy levels are peaking and when it’s time to rest. Your unique rhythms determine the quality of your everyday life.

Many of us don’t live in tune with our natural energy flow. Our schedules, ambitions, responsibilities and everyday demands from people we love separate us from the rhythms of the mind, the body, the emotions and soul. We come to believe that our desires cannot be met unless we undergo major changes in our lives – like altering our relationships or leaving our jobs. However, this isn’t always true.

Thankfully the beauty of your inner wisdom is that it’s always there and can always be returned to. No matter how chaotic your days are, you can still return to the nurturing beats of your true self. By establishing nourishing, daily, rhythmic practices and tuning in as much as possible, you can feel your own energy rhythms and intuitive hunches.


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