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With a unique blend of confidence, wellbeing and spiritual development, we have crafted a gentle, and incredibly powerful, programme which has dramatically changed the lives of thousands of women around the world.

Our flagship programme, You Can Heal & Change Your Life, will guide you to systematically build the pillars of confidence, energy, resilience and courage needed to help you confidently embrace the life of your dreams.

Dates TBC:

3 full days of live & interactive online training for £799

Do you feel tired, frustrated and constantly overscheduled?

Do you feel like your life is passing you by?

Do you feel self-conscious, insecure or low in confidence?

Would you like to break through to new levels of physical, emotional and energetic vitality?

This 3-day programme will take you on a creative journey of self-enquiry and life re-design, It will help you heal and transform stress, exhaustion, fear, insecurity, overwhelm and general life stuck-ness.


Using a gentle step-by-step process we will systematically review and re-align each aspect of your life to strengthen your foundation of confidence, courage and resilience.

By aligning your life choices with your core values, positive thinking patterns and optimal behaviours, the process helps to power up your whole system – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually – to guide you to realise your full potential.

Maybe it’s time to make a stand for your life.

Make 2022 the year that you begin to shift and change.

After training with Dawn, I really feel my life has changed.

Her intuitive compassion, innovative methods and exceptional leadership is second to none – best personal development course I’ve ever done

Sue Palmer-Conn, Divorce Specialist, Chartered Psychologist &
Best-selling Author

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Harmonizing is a ground-breaking emotional wellbeing coaching process which strengthens and prepares you to make the essential life changes you need to live in harmony with your true potential and your natural flow of energy and vitality.

Deep down, you probably know what is needed to make the changes you crave. However, self-sabotaging thinking patterns and limiting habits may have depleted your confidence, resilience and energy, blocking you from the joy and ease of living and thriving.

Harmonizing is a gentle step by step process, similar to a car being serviced, whereby aspects of your life are systematically reviewed and re-aligned to strengthen your foundation of confidence, courage and resilience. By re-aligning your life choices with your core values, positive thinking patterns and optimal behaviours you begin to power up your whole system (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) to realise your full potential.

This enlightening, step by step, self-awareness and life re-connection process guides you to create lifelong habits of self- compassion, self-responsibility and self-trust. It expands your creative thinking, develops your intuitive connection and opens up previously unimaginable possibilities for change in your life.   

Harmonizing does not require you to have an end goal or vision for your life. Instead it systematically builds up your confidence, courage, creativity and resilience; igniting NEW goals, dreams and visions for your future. 


Step One: Building your self-awareness & confidence

Step Two: Empowering you to live life on your own terms

Step Three: Energising you to thrive

Step Four: Building the courage to live fully

Step Five: Stepping into your flow

  • You will leave with increased confidence, and clarity on your true self and your future desires.

  • You will leave more courageous and resilient, able to set healthy boundaries and able identify and express your true needs to speak up for yourself.


  • You will learn how to deeply care for yourself, and how to tune into and manage your inner rhythms. This will completely revitalise your energy levels, increase your productivity and dramatically improve your quality of life.


  • You will leave empowered to follow your heart’s deepest desires, and learn how to live free from fear, expectations and limiting attachments.


  • You will learn how to mindfully create a new design for your life that will support you to express your full potential whilst balancing life, work and time for yourself.

You Can Heal & Change Your Life: 3-day Personal Transformation Programme

Dates TBC

3 full days of online interactive training for ONLY £799

Instalment plans available – 4 x monthly payments of £200

“Dawn made a HUGE impact on GMTV when she transformed the lives of 3 of our viewers.

She’s a wise woman and will give you the tools to be really happy.”

Lorraine Kelly, Television Presenter

Train with one of the best teachers in the world

Dawn Breslin is a leading light in the field of Emotional Wellbeing Coaching and personal transformation, with over two decades of experience. Through her work as a tv and radio presenter, best-selling author and keynote speaker she has inspired thousands of individuals to heal, energise and transform their lives. 

Dawn is the founder and creator of the Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Life Alignment process. She will be your trainer for the full 5 day programme.

“Dawn Breslin is one of the top teachers around today. She will show you how to transform your life for the better”

Louise Hay, wellness pioneer and founder of Hay House

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