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Harmonizing is a new, ground-breaking, life alignment process designed to help us overcome low confidence, stress, energy depletion and burn out. Embarking upon the process opens the floodgates to new levels of mental, emotional and physical vitality.

Our natural world works in perfect harmony and natural rhythms guide our very existence. Our breath and heartbeat, the changing seasons and the ebb and flow of the tides are all constant reminders of life’s pulsing rhythms. In stark contrast, the rush and pressure of modern living has resulted in many of us losing connection with our natural inner rhythms and the life force of the natural world.

Many of us have lost the ability to feel or trust our feelings, or to truly experience the joy of the present moment. We have disconnected from the clear guidance of our heart and our intuition. 1 in 4 people in the UK live with stress, anxiety or depression* and as our desire to have, be and do more increases, so our pace of life becomes more frantic.

All is not lost however. Many of us are beginning to crave a new way of living and of being in the world. We are looking for more meaning in the work we do, realising the value of loving relationships while also savouring time alone. We are starting to thrive rather than survive and giving ourselves time to slow down, care for ourselves more and enjoy life for a change.

The Harmonizing Alignment Process of coaching invites us to take a lifestyle assessment to rediscover what is truly important to us, sessions provide the guidance and support to re-evaluate life whilst letting go stress and finding balance in daily life. This gentle and powerful life overhaul system enables people to awaken their natural energy, well-being, confidence, authenticity and passion so they can begin to move forward with renewed zest for life, joy and ease.
*Source mind.org.uk

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I’m Dawn Breslin, I’m the Founder of Harmonizing. I’m on a mission to help humanity transition into a new way of living: a way where vibrant well-being, free time, deeper relationships and a real sense of vision and purpose have their place in our day to day lives. My coaching process (HAP) guides individuals to live inspired, energetic, confident lives: lives where the true and natural desires of the mind, body and soul are unlocked.


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