Joy is often seen as an emotion which arises during special occasions, perhaps when we are surrounded by close friends or loved ones. Happiness is great when it lasts, however in a split second, sheer joy can be followed by sadness or a feeling of dissatisfaction with our lot.

For many of us, joy is something which comes and goes, many of us see it as something which is determined by circumstances when in fact joy is actually something which is freely available to us in every moment.

Joy is something we can cultivate, we don’t need to rely on friends, family or those special occasions to experience it.

The big question how can we re-structure our daily thinking habits and behaviours to enable our hearts to open up to the gift of abundance and  joy?

At the Harmonizing Life Coaching Academy in Edinburgh, London & UK we work closely with our coaches and clients to help cultivate deep joy in their daily lives.

  1. Create A New Reality

So you work 9-5 but don’t want to – find a way. You want to travel – find a way. So, you want to leave your unhappy relationship – just leave. Ouch, it’s so easy to tell someone to ‘just do’ something however it’s often tough for us to make life changes, even when we really want to.

Many of our lives are built on a way of thinking which makes us feel safe. As we travel through our lives we build belief systems which make us feel safe and drive us to work where we do, love who we love and live the way we do.

Fleeting thoughts of change, freedom, creative living and deep love often call us to let go our model of familiarity and predictability to experience the bliss and mystery of our dreams.

Dreams are often fleeting ideas for many of us. We chose to stay stuck in our current reality as we tell ourselves we would feel unsafe and unfamiliar if we were to simply jump into the unknown. The truth is that we are powerful creators of our own reality but many of us spend too much time building barriers and conditions which stop us from experiencing the joy and bliss of following our hearts calling.

How many of us have said to ourselves ‘If only I had £10,000, then I would  start a new business. My question is do you really need that amount of money to make the change?

Many people who celebrate success started with only a few pennies, so how did they overcome their barriers? The difference is that, they have mastered living without the predictable model and the safety net. They have learned to trust in the ever changing nature of life. They know if they do something and it doesn’t work out, they will find something else. They convince themselves that they can deal with whatever outcome comes up. These people focus on the positive, they follow their heart, they live in the great flow of the Universe and they reap the rewards of joyous living as their reward.

It may not be easy to make this mental shift however it is definitely doable. The Harmonizing Alignment Process prepares coaches and individuals to live in the joyous flow of life.

  1. Create A Beautiful Inspiring Gratitude Journal

Gratitude can instantly open our heart up and make us feel great. Counting our blessings is definitely one of the best ways to transform our negative feelings into feelings of joy and happiness.

We are culturally conditioned into survival, fearful and scarcity thinking. Many of us are trying to accumulate more status, more wealth and more security to justify our worth and feel safe, as a result we find ourselves focusing our thinking on what we don’t have rather than truly being grateful what’s great in our lives. Think of your deepest relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Consider your health and well-being – what’s working without any effort. Now think about your stuff, you already have so much more than many.

Our negative, habitual way of ‘lack’ thinking means it requires great will and mental strength to cultivate an attitude of appreciation.

The best way to remind yourself of the things which you have and are grateful for is by writing it down in a journal. The word journal sometimes brings to mind random pages of scribbles filled with unrealistic hopes and dreams however a Gratitude Journal can be a wonderful, creative tool which includes Pictures of loved ones Things you have achieved Places you have travelled Your favourite recipes Swatches of your favourite perfume scent Beautiful leaves or seeds you found during your morning walk

Create a collage and stick them all on there. Even better stick an envelope to each page of your journal and pop in all those extra things.

  1. Change Your Life Story

Is your current situation getting you down? You may be going through some rough times, which is unfortunate, but by making some gentle changes you can instantly begin to change the way your outer world of experience and your inner world of thoughts and feelings.

We often get stuck in rhythms or routines which are dull, difficult or boring. The truth is that your routine or circumstances may feel boring but the world out there is simply amazing and with a willing, curious mind you can completely change your life – if you choose!

There’s so much truth in the saying ‘if you keep doing what you have always done you will always get what you have always got!

Try learning something which you haven’t done before – feel the freedom of riding a bike, learn to play a new instrument, learn to dance, take a walk in the park with a sketch pad and draw what you see without judging yourself.  You may be surprised about how much joy and laughter these small things can bring

By changing the script of your life and by re writing your story, you really can begin to open a door to a whole new world. By making one change, you can open your life up to new life experiences, new people, exciting new places and a whole new set of positive emotions and feelings.

4. Get Rid Of Any Negative Triggers

In a world which is full of constant distractions, we sometimes find ourselves feeling happy and positive one moment and then all of a sudden one trigger or another can lead us to feeling down. It is so important to identify what causes you to feel bad, what lifts you up or what drags you down. At the end of a day, reflect back on your fluctuating mood and try to identify what made you feel the way you did. By identifying the mood triggers, you can create a strategy on how to manage them or totally kick out them out of your life.  Do you over react like a child when things don’t go to plan? Do you find that the daily news can get you down? Then turn off your TV. Is there someone who lifts your mood or drags you down? Who or what is draining your energy? Is social media making you feel a certain way? If so, then consider taking time out. Remember that modern technology is not for everyone, so don’t feel guilty if you are considering to totally ditching the smart phone.

  1. Take Time Out To Reflect

Schedule some time each week to reflect on the progress you have made to attract joy. Think about your progress, the challenges you encountered and how you overcame them. Jot down your solutions and ideas that come to mind so you can reflect on them later on. As you reflect keep in mind that to be happy in the moment is enough, because each moment is all we need.




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