Nurture your physical self to FEEL LESS DRAINED



Taking time to rebalance our bodies can clear out any stagnant feelings lingering after Winter, and help us to blossom into healthier, more vibrant versions of ourselves. We can then spring forward to a fresh start with renewed energy and vigour.



Allowing yourself a little time in the morning to do some gentle exercise will really awaken your body in preparation for the day. It might seem challenging changing up your daily routine to allow for this, especially if you already struggle in the mornings, but even five minutes will raise your body temperature and increases the blood flow to the brain. Spring’s a great season for trying new things, so play about to find what works best for you – yoga, a run or just a series of stretches. When the weather allows, take your routine outside to get that extra oxygen boost from the fresh air.

TIP! FOcus on loosening your back muscles and opening your chest, as this releases tension, improves posture and boosts concentration and energy.



Often when our minds are busy, our bodies wind up feeling sluggish and neglected. Reflexology is great for bringing our mental and physical selves back into balance with each other. It relaxes you, letting your mind unwind whilst encouraging your physical energy to flow again as your body kickstarts some internal spring cleaning. By stimulating the blood flow in your feet, you will physically feel any stresses and tensions lifting – leaving you calmer and more clear-headed. By the end of a session, both your body and mind will be in an optimal state to allow natural flow and energy to return.

FACT! Working on the feet encourages blood and lymphatics to circulate mor eefficiently, bathing your cells in nutrients and oxygen and removing built-up metabolic waste products from your system.



Take a power nap if you feel your energy depleting. When your body’s instincts are telling you to rest, you will feel better for listening to them. To benefit from a proper energy boost it is important not to sleep for too long or short a time – 20 minutes is ideal. However, if what your body is craving is a proper rest – as opposed to a quick pick-me-up – then don’t set an alarm, and just indulge in whatever length of sleep your body dictates.


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