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A staggering 83% of women and men suffer from low self – esteem and lack of self –confidence. An astounding 90% of women do not feel good enough about themselves and shockingly only 2% of women believe they are beautiful.

In order to build self – confidence and self -esteem so people trust us, rely on our judgment, respect us and value our opinions we must truly learn to love all of ourselves, shortcomings, flaws and assets.

We must stand up and be counted. Whilst many women are great conciliators, and excellent listeners – and we need to keep these qualities, we also DO need to make our voice heard and be visible. Learning to love ourselves is the key so we feel self- assured, believe in ourselves and our abilities and step up to our full capability.

We have all been around confident people who love themselves. They stride into a room with an inner confidence which is magnetic. When you love yourself, believe in yourself and trust your intuition, you discover the art of self -assurance.   You know your rights and feel worthy, important and deserving. You have an ‘I like you, but I like me too’ approach.

Let’s take a look at 7 Things Which Will Happen When You Start to love Yourself.


You consider you are important.

  • Dwell on your positive characteristics.
  • Constantly remind yourself you are loving and lovable even if you make mistakes.
  • Honour and value your principles.
  • Respect your own needs and wants and do and say what feels right to you.
  • Advertise your strengths, not your weaknesses.


You talk to your mind in a kind way.

  • Aware of your triggers, beliefs and habits of your inner critic and reframe them.
  • Are considerate to yourself
  • Record every single success – whatever the size in your mind or in a success journal.
  • Say over and over again ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am more than enough’.
  • Give up the compulsive need for approval.


You are comfortable being authentic.

  • Make amends to yourself.
  • Accept you are perfectly imperfect.
  • Make an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept, respect, cherish, like and honour yourself regardless of how others treat you.
  • Know that being authentic is the new black.
  • Know that all that glisters is not gold and do not allow anyone to dupe you.


You trust yourself and your intuition.

  • Know your purpose.
  • Practise self-discipline.
  • Always remember the power of your feelings and intuition.
  • Connect and listen to your inner voice.
  • Challenge all negative assumptions.


You keep your expectations high.

  • Change your perceptions.
  • Be clear about your individuality and preferences.
  • Do not be discouraged by your mistakes.
  • Let go of self-defeating beliefs about what might happen in the future.
  • Say over and over again ‘I am good enough.’


You attract miracles

  • You expect the best by creating positive energy
  • You say over and over ‘I move towards my goals effortlessly as what I want wants me’
  • Know self-care is not selfish, it is self-loving.
  • Don’t wait to be rescued, instead take action.
  • Are aware you have a responsibility to be good to yourself


You are assertive

  • Don’t allow anxiety to build
  • Use anger to be assertive in a healthy way
  • Have reasonable expectations of yourselves and others.
  • Decide what you need and want and ask for it
  • Take advantage of opportunities


Final word

My hope is that you begin to know who you are and change the messages you tell yourself by giving yourself permission to love yourself, trust your intuition and embrace being perfectly imperfect. I would like you to find the peace and joy I have found with a clear mind and a steady heart. This is not a magic formula; you have to make it happen by firstly believing you are worth it and secondly the first tiny step.

Why? – It’s your time to shine.

Testimonial Annie A

Annie is a highly successful corporate trainer, motivational speaker, energy healer, clinical hypnotherapist  and intuitive whose clients include household names in the corporate and celebrity worlds. She is a regular guest expert on Radio, Blogger on The Huffington Post and Author of Best Seller ‘The  Confidence Factor; Annie was a judge on Britain’s    Next Top Coach, Confidence Expert on Jeremy Kyle, ITV, Too Fat to Work, Channel 5  and Bump and Grind, Sky TV’. Annie is also one of the panel of experts in ” Real Confidence” Psychologies first branded book published by Wiley March 2016. http://www.annieashdown.com/




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