Refresh your mindset to BOOST YOUR MENTAL ENERGY and clear some time to focus on YOU


Re-programme your mindset to build a positive and productive routine that puts the lethargy of winter firmly behind you! If you focus and organise your mind you can effectively ease your workload, and feel less guilty about making time to relax.

Get organised

The notion of spring cleaning can be applied to every area of your life. If you allocate proper time to getting organised, you will save yourself wasted energy and stress. Use this season to set up new routines to help de-clutter the mind, and keep from expending precious time on value-less tasks. You’ll find this new clarity help prevent procrastination and makes it far easier to prioritise and use your time more effectively.
Start by making lists. List out your long term aims, and then cut these down into week by week goals; and then day by day. Be careful not to overstretch yourself. By breaking down tasks in this way, it should become clearer what is feasible, and whether some things might need rethought. Use this Spring period to fine-tune these schedules, and work to make them part of your longer-term routine, so that mental organisation becomes a habit you can carry with you through the rest of the year.

Set timers for short periods of time, such as half an hour, and only commit to working on a specific task for that time slot. When the timer expires, decide whether to allocate the next session to the same task, or to move on.

Draw out a large planner, and work out a schedule that divides everything you need to do into bitesize tasks. This will make even your larger goals seem more achievable, and the visual proof of your progress will aid motivation as you begin to tick items off and can see at a glance how well you’re doing.

Practice positive thinking

The mind has a huge effect on our physical energy, willpower and motivation; when you’re feeling low you are also more likely to feel physically weak. If simply getting through the day is starting to feel like a chore, boost your mental energies using the power of positive thinking. Each time you feel stressed, list five things you are grateful for. Simply thinking about things you are grateful for reminds you of what’s important. Laughter is also a proven stress buster – so call a friend you can laugh with, or watch a silly YouTube video. Allocate time for loved friends and family, and surround yourself with positive and optimistic people to boost your own positivity levels.

This article has been taken from the Spring Issue of Harmonizing Life.
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