Many of us feel that to prioritise our own needs is indulgent or somehow ‘selfish’ when in reality giving our self permission to acknowledge and honour our true needs and feelings is essential to feel confident, secure and grounded.

The impact of prioritising our own needs is far reaching and although it can be tricky making some initial readjustments to our behaviours, in the long run, as you begin to feel great everyone around you begins to benefit as they experience a positive, fulfilled , energised person rather than the quietly resentful , person you may have become.

Many of us have learned to numb and ignore our true feelings

Living authentically is such a liberating experience. It connects us with a natural flow of vibrant energy, a stream of inspiration and a well of joy. As we unlock our self expression, life becomes a dance as we experience the truth of who we are and who we were born to be.

Many of us aren’t living this way, instead we have learned to numb our true feelings and in turn block the flow of joy into our lives.

Fortunately however, with some simple steps and a dose of determination, we can begin to connect to our power source once again.

In the same way core muscles lie beneath a flabby tummy, the strength and essence of who you are lives deep within you. By gently tuning in to the way you feel, you begin the journey to awakening your inner strength.

When you recognise what energizes you and you begin to do more of it and when you acknowledge what drains you and you do less of it, you begin to feel grounded and in control of your life again.

By learning to gently say no and by setting personal boundaries, you begin to strengthen your presence in the world which in turn boosts your confidence and self esteem.

As you begin to feel confident and empowered it’s so much easier to navigate the inevitable stormy seas of life’s ever changing tides.


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