A Club for Women Navigating Midlife

The Consciously Female Club is designed to help women find, or rediscover, themselves.


The most effective tools, techniques & coping strategies, handpicked for you

A supportive community of like-minded women who understand your experiences

Guidance as you access your inner needs & live in alignment with them 

 Direction on living in harmony with your natural rhythms & with the rhythms of nature

Who is the Consciously Female Club for?

Hi, I’m Dawn Breslin. And if you are at a time of your life where you feel like you, and your world, are unravelling in strange, unexpected and sometimes unpleasant ways… you’ve come to the right place. 

Midlife can be chaotic. I know, I’ve been through it. 

  • The pace of life and relentless routine finally catches up  
  • What once made you happy, doesn’t 
  • You feel fed up with conditioning and conforming
  • Your children have left home and you are wondering what’s next
  • You want to feel valued
  • You feel misunderstood and confused
  • Your libido just got up and left
  • You feel less attractive and your feminine instincts & interests have just vanished
  • You would just love the company and understanding of other women

Because I understand what a whirlwind midlife can be for women, I’ve created the Consciously Female Club. It’s a club that helps women in midlife find their true, or new selves. 

We introduce you to new ways of thinking and understanding life. And we also help you get through the most challenging time as a woman, with support.

What Do You Get from the Consciously Female Club?

We are all different, with unique experiences. Because of this we all need specific help to navigate the mental, emotional and spiritual make-up of life. That’s why the Consciously Female Club:

  • Shows you how to step over stress, overwhelm & exhaustion
    Your Midlife Starter Pack includes factsheets, planners and inspiration. It’s all handpicked to help you release the tensions of life


  • Helps you find Inner peace and harmony with guided monthly midlife explorations
    These are interactives monthly sessions where we unpack the burdens and explore midlife together so you can enjoy the prime of life. Join the monthly sessions live, listen later or listen again. Make our sessions fit around your schedule and lifestyle.


  • Gives you a resource library at your fingertips
    You no longer need to feel lost and alone, because we’ve selected some of the finest guides available today. We share these with you weekly, putting information about your biggest questions at your fingertips through guides, prompts, helpful books, playlists and seasonal tips. Use this information to help you navigate the challenges midlife brings.


  • Connects you to a community
    We’ve built a network of like-minded, supportive women in an interactive community, designed to ensure you no longer feel alone and have the support you need, when you need it

What are the benefits of the Consciously Female Club?

As a woman, how often do you put others first? 

The Consciously Female Club is an invitation to bring your own needs to the forefront, not to the exclusion of others, but in harmony with them.  

Each month we help you:

  • Tune into what’s emerging in you and help you put your dreams into action
  • Cultivate the courage to make changes in your life
  • Align with your natural rhythms and the natural rhythms and cycles of nature
  • Improve your energy and nourish yourself

It’s easy to get started. To join The Consciously Female Club you just have to click the join now button.

I’ve deliberately kept the Consciously Female Club at an affordable £33 per month. It’s the perfect price for women who appreciate support and insight and who are ready to take the help available and make use of it. 

When you think about it, these days, you’ll be lucky to get a meal for two for the price I’m offering you the Consciously Female Club at. The thing is though, while a meal out is enjoyable in the moment, it won’t nurture you long term. But the Consciously Female Club will.  

That’s why I’d love you to join me, and a group of wonderful women all changing how we experience life changes.

The Consciously Female Club: For Women Navigating Midlife

“Dawn made a HUGE impact on GMTV when she transformed the lives of 3 of our viewers.

She’s a wise woman and will give you the tools to be really happy.”

Lorraine Kelly, Television Presenter

About Dawn


Dawn Breslin is a leading light in the field of Emotional Wellbeing Coaching and personal transformation. A mother, business woman, midlife researcher, and her own experience ensures you are in the hands of a woman who understands midlife. 

With more than two decades as a best-selling author, keynote speaker, TV and radio presenter, Dawn’s excellent communication skill help break down the complexities. With Dawn’s help midlife confusion will make more sense, and the possible solutions will be just as well communicated.  

Her work has already inspired thousands of women to heal, energise and transform their lives. The invitation is for you to be the next person she helps through the Consciously Female Club.

The Dawn Breslin Guarantee

I’m sure you’re going to love the Consciously Female Club, but just in case you don’t I want to give you my reassurance that if you decide it’s not for you, you just need to let us know. We’ll then stop future payments and part company with love and best wishes.  

The Consciously Female Club: For Women Navigating Midlife


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