Spend time alone.

After the bustle of Christmas, connect with who you are in the stillness of solitude. Really enjoy the sense of peace you feel in being alone. Breathe deeply and enjoy your own pres- ence. Interacting with others is fun and re- warding but we all need time to recharge and refill our own energy. Take time to connect deeply. By nourishing yourself, your sense of peace will be apparent to those around you.

Go outside.
Take a bracing walk alone to clear away the cobwebs and find clarity. Help focus your heart and mind by removing all distractions – go out
into nature, contemplate the cycles of growth, the rise and fall of the seasons. Contemplate the 5 feelings you would love to feel each day. Sense the weather and the landscape around you. Take a notepad and pen and leave the phone behind! Sense thoughts which bubble up from within.

Clear your system.

Tune in to what your body really needs. How could you improve your health and overall sense of well being this month?

Think about ways you would like to move your precious body. Perhaps gentle move- ment, dance classes, long nourishing walks, are what your body secretly craves. Make your choices fun and fulfilling, not a tough chore which fills you with dread. Maybe it’s time to clean up your internal system too…how about making some clean, simple, nourishing food choices; perhaps it’s time to cleanse your digestive system and give it a fresh start…

Create a vision

Sit quietly on your own, or with one or two close, supportive friends. Find a selection of beautiful magazines. Go through them, instinctively pulling out any words or pictures which call to you – don’t overthink it, go with what would make you feel happy, nourished or fulfilled. You may be surprised at the overall picture that suddenly comes together when you arrange your collage.
Let this collage become your guiding vision for the coming year. Images speak to us on an unconscious level and can deeply motivate us to bring into being our dearly held dreams.


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