As a self-awareness tool, yoga has a multitude of benefits: it helps you to trust your body’s instincts, and feel empowered in your own physical capabilities. Yoga can help you to find a real sense of focus in a modern world that is otherwise overwhelmed with distractions, and it can help you to develop coping mechanisms and an inner resilience to make modern living more manageable. Winter is the perfect time of year to take up yoga, as there are many quality online classes and tutorials available for you to sample from the comfort of your own home – and fill those long evenings with a new sense of purpose! Alternatively, its spreading popularity means there will be multiple classes available in your area – use this as an excuse to leave the safety blanket of your house, and connect with others while building a renewed connection with yourself…

Our contemporary lifestyles induce more stress and anxiety than ever before. By leaning on such an ancient and enduring discipline such as yoga, we can learn to escape this contemporary mindset and find our way back to a more sustainable lifestyle – shaped through our own needs, rather than those we filter in from the societal pressures and influences we are surrounded by.
Yoga is a combined physical, mental and spiritual discipline structured to align you with the core needs and desires of your both your body and mind. This alignment is imperative to achieve inner peace and well-being, and will assist us to operate at our full potential. As human beings we often struggle to strike the balance between mind and body. We have become conditioned to prioritise the desires of the mind.

Yoga is incredibly effective at restoring balance, as in order to practice it successfully you cannot push your body; and so you begin to listen to it more carefully. The physical body has a memory structure, with your whole life and history written into it, and yoga provides a way of opening up those memories; with the physical poses connecting you to the inner rhythms of your body. Its gentle and spiritual nature gives you the headspace to become fully aware of these rhythms. By recognising your body’s needs, you will begin to understand how best to sustain yourself to remain joyful and productive.
By focusing on connecting with your breath, yoga teaches you to think clearer and not to react in passion. By nurturing a deep sense of inner peace, yoga teaches you to improve your interactions with others, and decreases your stress levels. Essentially, yoga is teaching you to become more fully self-aware; through guiding you to recognise and open your energetic channels in order to balance the body’s internal energies.

Yoga provides a perfect complement to the Harmonizing Alignment Process, which is also designed around helping you develop self-awareness. Our process incorporates a series of self-discovery exercises to help balance out your feminine and masculine energies, and create the same alignment between body and mind that yoga cultivates. In fact, many of the metaphors we teach are mirrored in yoga’s poses; we work to reconnect with your inner child, and yoga has the ‘Child’s Pose; we discuss staying in your boat to remain authentically connected to yourself, and yoga has the ‘Boat Pose’. And so, we see yoga as a physical manifestation of our core philosophies, which also provides the headspace to connect with our teachings.

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