How to Give Your Home a Creative Makeover for the New Year

Your home never feels barer than it does post-Christmas. Having to actively strip your rooms of festive warmth and sparkle feels unnatural, especially when the added cheer would be especially welcome during the cold January evenings holed up indoors. Why not use this as motivation to revamp your décor, and breathe new life and inspiration into your living space? We’ve put together some easy makeover ideas to help you to hold on to the ‘refresh and revamp’ energy of New Year’s resolutions, harness your inner creative and have some fun with your home! 

Giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to cost much – we’re aware January’s a tough month money-wise! You can simply rearrange your existing décor and try your hand at upcycling, or take advantage of the January sales, to create a fresh look for less.


declutter and clear out


Embrace the wisdom of Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo and use the remaining Winter months stuck inside to do some serious decluttering around your home. A thorough clean and clear will help to set intention for the year, creating a refreshed mindset and sense of productivity to take with you as you move into 2020. Tackle one room at a time, and be brutal with yourself when deciding which items to get rid of – keep only those that will continue to be useful, or that make you feel good. Everything else is only wasting space, and may even be weighing you down subconsciously.

storage as decoration

Storage solutions are necessary to a clean and stress-free home, and so why not integrate them as additional design features? Invest in some gorgeous patterned boxes for organising your odds and ends, or decorate plain boxes yourself. Big boxes can be stacked on top of each other, or tucked into shelves, to create a statement storage feature. Smaller boxes and baskets can be used to separate all those everyday odds and ends that otherwise strewn across surfaces.


create a resolution space

Arrange your space to suit your goals and desires for the year – if you have resolutions, you will be far more likely to achieve them if you create a space specifically set up to aid you. If you are determined to become more creative this year, for example, set aside the corner of a room for a desk, hang a vision board above it and gather some materials and tools together. If you’d like to do more exercise, curl down your yoga mat here instead and fill a basket with equipment.

“ Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.”

Marie Kondo


Pick out all the decorative accessories around your house – artwork, mirrors, cushions, etc – and mix and match them into new, complementary groups. Choose new rooms for each group to go in, and spend some time setting up these new arrangements and playing with new displays on shelves and sideboards. The items might not be new, but the feeling in each room will be.


Another simple method of totally changing up your space without re-decorating is to take a room and choose an accent colour – bold, vibrant colours are on trend at the moment – and treat yourself to a fresh collection of items in this colour. Think lampshades, throws, picture frames – and have fun playing with new textures and patterns. You can take this a step further by painting a statement wall to match – paint is a relatively easy design change, and will allow you to really project your unique sense of style and reinvigorate the whole energy of a space.


Channel your creative energy into your furniture with some fun upcycling projects. This is both a great opportunity to learn new skills, and to change up your décor completely at a fraction of the cost of new pieces. Imagine the glow you will feel every time you look at your finished pieces as well! There are loads of how-to tutorials online, or why not have a search for evening and weekend courses near you? There are so many options to suit each individual skillset; from painting a series of plantpots or storage jars, to sanding down and staining a tired old dresser, to re-upholstering your favourite worn-out chair. Have fun with it!



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