‘On Being’ is my absolute favourite radio station.

If you are SINGLE listen to this interview.
If you have CHILDREN listen to this
If you are MARRIED listen to this!

This is a fascinating insight into how modern relationships are changing, how we date is changing and what we expect is changing! I LOVED the insights from leading anthropologist Helen Fisher.

Love and Sex and Attachment

In her TED talks that have been viewed by millions of people and the research she does for Match.com, Helen Fisher wields science as a sobering, if entertaining, lens on what feels like the most meaningful encounters of our lives. She is a leading anthropologist/explorer on the new frontier of seeing inside our brains when love and sex happen. And she reveals how we can take this knowledge as a form of power — to give conscious new meaning to the thrilling and sometimes treacherous human realms of love, sex, and marriage.




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