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The Harmonizing Philosophy by Dawn Breslin

The Harmonizing Philosophy has been designed by observing nature’s natural rhythms and design for growth. By using the same guiding principles, you can learn to live a meaningful, healthy and deeply nourished life.

1. YOU ARE PART OF NATURE. In the same way that each plant, tree and animal is in a life cycle of growth, you are too. You are a wildly unique, creative, growing expression of living potential.

2. YOUR LIFE HAS PURPOSE. In the same way that all plants, trees and animals have a role to play in maintaining the natural balance of life on our planet, you too have a unique natural design and were born to make a positive contribution to life on Earth. Your natural inclinations, passions, gifts and talents will guide you towards your purpose.

3. THE UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE GROWS YOU. The same life-force energy that governs the life cycles of animals, trees and plants guides your growth.

4. GROW BY ACCEPTING YOUR TRUE NATURE. All cells and seeds begin life with the potential to thrive. The acorn holds the potential for the Great Oak. When you begin to recognise your unique talents and gifts, the path to expressing your full potential will be illuminated.

5. GROW BY ACCEPTING THE REALITY OF WHAT IS. The forest floor is a rich and diverse eco-system; everything is growing and thriving at its own pace, and in its own unique way. There are no controls or rules, everything is simply unfolding as nature intended. When you begin to accept your life as it is today, and you accept individuals exactly as they are, you will accelerate your growth and step into the golden flow of life.

6. GROW BY CONSULTING YOUR INNER GUIDANCE. Nature unfolds naturally and organically by trusting in its innate intelligence, it is led by instinct. When you get quiet and turn inward, you too will be guided to the next step of growth on your life path.

7. GROW BY PROTECTING YOURSELF. Life thrives in healthy, non-toxic environments. When you cultivate nurturing and supportive relationships, a kind and loving inner voice and a sole focus on activities which energise and support your vision, your business and life will thrive.

8. GROW BY GIVING YOURSELF WHAT YOU NEED. Each plant and tree needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, nutrients and water. Your next level of business and personal growth will be identified by tuning in to your deepest needs and desires

9. GROW ORGANICALLY TO THRIVE. Everything in nature is held within a balance of natural rhythms and cycles. Nothing is pushing or racing to grow, it’s simply unfolding as nature intends it. Your life will feel easier and your energy and productivity will increase when you allow yourself to be guided by these rhythms.

10. GROW BY LETTING GO OF YOUR FEARS. Nature travels through constant cycles of beginnings and endings. In order to grow, you too must face periods of vulnerability, acknowledging your fears and letting go of what is holding you back from growing.

11. GROW BY ACCEPTING THE VALUE OF CHAOS. Everything in nature is in a constant state of flux. Without movement, life becomes stagnant. When you accept that life’s difficulties are essential for your growth, you can begin to learn and grow from your life experiences.

12. GROW BY ADAPTING. Weather can be unpredictable and destructive, therefore nature must stay soft and flexible adapting to whatever arises. To avoid stagnation, or even breaking, you too must stay soft by letting go of your rigid life or business plans.

13. GROW GENTLY AND SUSTAINABLY. Life on Earth is sustained through periods of growth, rest and repair. When you are tired you must slow down, or stop to re-energise and refill. Working when you are depleted is unproductive and can be damaging.

14. COLLABORATE TO GROW. Each living organism has its own unique role to play on this Earth. The eco-system of the natural world is working collaboratively to maintain the balance of life on this planet. If you collaborate with others who have complementary skills and gifts, your growth will accelerate and together you will achieve great things.


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