This is the most alluring time of year to spend as much time out of doors as possible. The nutritional and energetic benefits we reap from connecting with nature and soaking up sunlight mean that giving into this most natural instinct will boost your general wellbeing at the same time. Below we’ve put together some fun and creative ways you can take advantage of this this Summer.

go for a mindful nature walk 

Next time you have a bit of free time, head for the nearest woods and meander leisurely through the trees. As you move amongst the different natural elements, past streams and through more condensed thickets, carefully observe your body’s reactions. Try to focus on the physical experience of your walk, and what effect the changing energies are having on your own. Our cells actually pick up on the different vibrations in nature, and learning to tune into these instinctive responses will make you feel deeply in sync with the natural world around you – a humbling and calming sensation.


plant a vegetable garden

Clear a space in the garden, do a little research, then buy some seeds from your local gardening centre and you’re good to start digging! There’s something innately satisfying about growing your own food, especially when it encourages you to get out in the fresh air and make contact with earth. An added benefit is the heightened feeling of connection you will feel towards your food; the time and effort spent nurturing your own homegrown food sources make it likely you will become more mindful in general of the type of produce you choose to load your plate, and fuel your body, with.

 go gratitude journalling

Start a gratitude journal online to document pictures and thoughts captured as you walk around outside. Once a week think of somewhere new to go walking, there might well even be nooks and crannies in your own hometown that you’ve not yet properly explored. As you walk keep your eyes and mind open to all the little instances of beauty or interest that you pass; taking pictures and jotting down the feelings and thoughts each inspires. You post everything to Instagram, or keep it to yourself with a private Pinterest board. Don’t restrict journaling to this once a week trip, use it as a method of attuning yourself to the world around you in general – as you walk to work, take your lunch break, go to and from the shops. Use the journal to spark your creativity and remind yourself of the little moments of joy to be found each and every day, and of all you have to be grateful for.

take a lunchtime sun bath

Research suggests that the best time of day to get your optimal Vitamin D supplement with minimum risk of skin or cell damage is noon, so why not pop out during your lunch break and go for a stroll, or find a nice spot to eat outside? Be mindful however, that although Vitamin D can only be absorbed into unprotected skin, 10-20 minutes is plenty to get your daily boost – any longer and it’s time to reach for that suncream!

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