Karen Mason

I was agoraphobic and felt as if I was locked in a very cold prison cell. I felt anxious and fearful about everything in life. I bought Dawn’s CD and listened to her 24 hours a day. In time I plucked up the courage to attend one of her workshops which lead to me doing the coach training. I adore my new life and live it to the full. Today I feel beautiful, strong and empowered to help teens change their lives. I’m in tears as I write this, as I feel so deeply grateful to Dawn.

Sarah Kish

When I first started working with Dawn, I was overwhelmed and nervous about my future, following a challenging few years. Throughout my life I’d struggled with low self-esteem and self sabotage.
     Dawn categorically altered the path of my life. Through our 1:1 sessions, Dawn taught me about self-care, how to nurture and be kind to myself. She taught me I was strong, that I was capable.
     All women should connect with Dawn, even if you feel good, you will leave after just one session feeling AMAZING.
     I was very soon back in my flow; feeling empowered, confident and sexy. Thank you Dawn xx

Sarah Garside

For anyone sat at home pondering Dawn’s training, you have to actually see it to believe it! Dawn Breslin is a unique woman: beautiful inside and out. Training with Dawn feels like a private life MOT. You are the most
important person in your life and your life is SO precious.
     This woman will change your life, please don’t think twice about making an investment in yourself to work with her.
‘Thank you’ just does not scratch the surface. The
tools I have taken from her are going to equip me for a wonderful future – I know this!

Caroline Kirby NVQ Student

This has been the most
beautiful, nourishing and
insightful training course I’ve ever done. I am studying for an NVQ in coaching however I needed a process with more depth.
This coaching is profound, beautiful and life changing. Working holistically with self-love,
the soul and the energy
system makes so much sense.
I can’t tell you how powerful Dawn’s training is. My confidence and self-belief are so high since applying the core teaching principles. I am delighted to be part of
Dawn’s vision for humanity.

Kim McLeod Coach

Before I went on Dawn’s
Harmonizing coaching week I was completely exhausted and unwell. I had suffered with ME for 8 years and had a bad relapse 2 years ago, from which I struggled to
recover. There was a lot
going on in my life and I was suffering with anxiety related symptoms.
The course had a
profound impact on my life, perspective, confidence, emotions and energy. I had done personal development
work previously, and am
trained in hypnotherapy,
NLP, stress management and life coaching. I thought I was doing the training to add a
new tool to my kit, however the Harmonizing process
had such a powerful impact on my life. I will now use this as my signature offering for clients in the future. It’s gentle, powerful and
profound. I love it. I can’t
thank Dawn enough.

Linda Peacock Councellor

I’ve never felt so passionate and excited about something before. I’ve done lots of professional training courses but this course has resonated with
me more than any other.
I know I can use this work
with my counselling clientsimmediately.      Adding Harmonizing confidence coaching into my business will really help move my
clients forward. It will
also help me build my
business. The whole training programme is absolutely fantastic. Dawn Breslin’s vision is based on love not profit which makes the training even more special.


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