Rebecca Campbell does it all. She’s a writer, creative, artist, celebrated spiritual teacher and best-selling Hay House author. Here, she chats with Dawn about honouring her soul purpose and the journey her life has taken to lead her to the enlightened harmony she embodies today.

Dawn: I have watched Rebecca Campbell rise to Spiritual stardom over the last few years. When I first read her best-selling book Rise Sister Rise in 2016, I immediately bought another 10 copies for my girlfriends. It felt like my new companion, something sharing these new views I had on how we need to soften our hardened routines and behaviours to experience more aliveness each day. The pages of Rebecca’s book are peppered with divine feminine wisdom, poetry and affirmations about how we can unfold into our true potential and travel more gently through life. I felt blessed to talk on a heart level with this beautiful soul.

How would you describe the work you do?

How would you describe the work you do? Essentially I’m facilitating a conversation between our human selves and our soul selves. The work I do is about inspiring people to spend more time with their soul. I believe the soul is the thing that connects us to all the beautiful things in life which are controlled by that mysterious force which we don’t really have a word for – the force that tells flowers when to open and close, seasons when to come and go, the tides to go out and in. Our souls are connected to that, and I’m helping people to spend more time with their soul.

Does your work guide people onto their spiritual path?ld you

I think different things lead people to their spiritual paths. Some just find themselves naturally. Some, like me, resist the inner call for a long time – and it takes hitting rock bottom, and for life to crumble, before thinking there must be another way to live. I felt a deep spiritual connection from a young age, but I still went about consciously trying to create my life. You know, the job, the handbag … and with good intention, but I was trying to make it happen rather than trusting it to unfold naturally. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t have goals, and sway over how we lead our life, but it’s better when you’re not trying to manipulate it. 

I believe many of our natural gifts show up when we are children, were there signs of your connection to Spirit as a child?

I remember my mum taught me how to pray. I didn’t grow up in a highly religious or spiritual family, however I loved the ritual of church-going at Easter and Christmas; there was something about that I felt drawn to. At High School I studied Religion and hated it, but at the same time was still drawn to it. I had kind of a love/ hate relationship with the Divine. I understand it now; at school I was being forced to be devotional, whereas when I look back at who I am – who I am at my core – I’m naturally such a devoted little soul! Growing up I was very aware of angels and other realms, without having learned about them, and then when I was 13/14, I started to have more considerable spiritual experiences. A little later in my teens I remember hearing the term ‘Light Worker’, and this was the first time anyone had put a name to how I had always felt.

You had a very exciting and successful career in advertising. Why didn’t you follow your soul calling earlier? Did you have any particular beliefs that held you back?

When I first had my visions I was young, and when I talked about them to people they thought I was weird; so that deterred me. I also know that, on a soul level, I was afraid to share my voice. However, my biggest obstacle was that I couldn’t see a clear path for my career. I’d travel five hours across Sydney to visit mediums and psychics because these were people I felt drawn towards; yet their lives were so different to how I imagined mine to be. And the body workers and earth women types; I adored them, but that wasn’t me either. I adore fashion, beauty and business, and I just couldn’t see how I could combine these with my spiritual gifts. But that was my limited perception of thinking that I had to fit into a box that already existed.

I knew so deeply that I wanted to create something with my life, and as I got further into the advertising world the thought of giving up something I’d worked so hard for was so difficult to imagine. In the end though, the only thing harder than answering the spiritual call was not answering the call! I’d find myself feeling anxious and not breathing, stuck and uncomfortable. You just know it. You avoid it, but then you’re like, “Oh god…”


When you finally answered the call from Spirit, how did you stay connected to your higher calling?

When I committed, or rather surrendered, to the call from Spirit, it started with discipline. I had a daily practice. My teacher at the time, Sonia, said something I’d heard so many times, but it suddenly stuck; “If you’re serious about doing this work, you have to show up in a non-negotiable way.” So that’s what it was at first – showing up every single day to meditation, and walking in nature every day. I do something called intuitive nature walking. When I first began I had no idea what I was doing but I’ve now developed it into a practice. I started when I was still working full-time in advertising, and I would give myself half an hour to go to the park and just allow myself to be lead; to connect to the earth, the trees, the flowers. Basically I was allowing my soul to walk me. It was like connecting with the park and asking nature to lead me, then thoughts and feelings would emerge and I let my body be moved. Deciding to surrender to the discipline of daily ritual was when I really, truly got that phrase of moving from ‘My Will’ to ‘Thy Will’. It doesn’t have to be religious; “Thy” can be the universe, it can be nature, it can be the planet.

Since then, I see ritual as an invitation to step into what I call ‘soul space’. It’s not about the actions as much as about the soul that you bring to it. This can be experienced in so many ways; from arranging flowers, creating a fire ceremony or chanting, to doing anything that you do in your daily life, but doing it in from a devotional space.

It’s tough to slow down enough to step into that devotional space where you receive deep feelings of peace, ease and grace. How do you manage whilst you are whizzing around the planet?

The busier you are, the more important meditation is. If you’re not busy, mediate; if you are busy, mediate twice as much!

For the first six years of my spiritual journey my rituals didn’t vary at all, but while I was writing Rise Sister Rise I was going through cellular changes; and my practice changed with that. My current ritual is a new form of meditation. I haven’t come up with a name yet, but to myself I call it ‘deep sea diving’. In it, I allow myself to be at the bottom of the ocean, and I allow myself to drink up the sweet waters of the earth. It’s like deep oceanic rest. I do it regularly, and it definitely rejuvenates me.

Do you ever feel disconnected from Spirit, or from your purpose?

And if you do, what brings you back? Ofcourse I do; so often. Ask my husband! When I get disconnect, it’s always because I’m exhausted and haven’t been rejuvenating myself. That’s the number one way I get disconnect – if I don’t have the reserves. And that’s when I need it most! I have to practice what I preach. I also need to stay connected to nature or I feel quite brittle. I feel this especially when I go too long without the ocean; I get grumpy and I feel parched. So those are the two disconnects for me, but I get back to it with nature, practice, and also just rest. Taking a break; being a normal human! I love a good Netflix binge, I think like most highly sensitives we love it as we can zone out!

rebecca campbell’s five tips for connecting

more deeply with your soul purpose

1. Showing up for a daily practice so you’re listening to the calling of your soul, that’s imperative.

2. Take notice of the people who are your heroes and what you admire in them; as often what you admire in them is what’s rising in you. Before I took my leap, all of my people were writers, and in the spiritual world in some capacity – so that was a clue.

3. Notice what annoys or frustrates you, what triggers you. I would get annoyed if people were being fake in the spiritual world – only because I wasn’t being authentic by sharing my voice. We can transmute our anger into passions.

4. Put ten minutes aside every day to put on a music track, lie down and centre into your heart space. Just be centred and listen with your heart.

5. Journaling. When you feel confused, you’re walking round with all your thoughts rambling in your head. Get them out, with any type of intuitive writing. I’d recommend reading the Writer’s Way.

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