How Living Seasonally can Help Create Balance in Your Life

Modern life places a lot of expectation on our shoulders. It races along at a speed that can feel hard to keep up with, and the effort of maintaining this pace often comes at the expense of our health and wellbeing. The pressure we feel to constantly have, be and do more draws from an assumption that we have an unlimited well of resources – which is not the reality. Sustaining the same level of high energy day in, day out year round is unnatural, and will leave us feeling drained and potentially on the verge of burnout. And in the end, it will also see us achieve less – as working long hours in a state of near-exhaustion is far less productive than putting in shorter hours at full potential.

The Harmonizing Alignment Process has been created from our belief that it is time for a new way of living; one which takes into account our physical and mental needs, rearranges our priorities and encourages us to live in harmony with our true capacity. One which strikes a healthier balance between work, rest and play – and recognises the importance of each in order to preserve a healthy, happy life.

This is where the concept of seasonal living ties in, as we believe the natural world has created the perfect blueprint for demonstrating how to manage our energetic ebbs and flows in order to create life balance. Nature uses the seasons to balance its productive periods with ones of rest – with the periods of rest absolutely vital to the continued growth of all life. If we compare the seasonal cycles to the yearly cycles of own lives, it becomes obvious that modern living doesn’t take into consideration our natural dips in energy or need for periods of recalibration.

And so, the first step to designing a more balanced lifestyle and sustainable pace for ourselves is to change our mindset – and look to the natural world for guidance. We need to learn to recognise and listen to our personal energetic ebbs and flows, and to acknowledge the value in taking a proper step back when we begin to feel tired or overwhelmed. Syncing our life cycles in tune with the seasons can also feel very liberating – we already accept seasons can only last a certain time before they must move on, and through this we can see that any position we find ourselves in in our own lives is also only temporary. We are in a constant state of flow. 

Below is an overview of the core energy and mood of each season. There may be structures in your life already set up that make you feel your personal cycles can’t, don’t or won’t match up with these – but this is okay. While it can be easier to fall into sync with the real-time seasonal cycles, it is the underlying notion of a cyclic structure of productivity that will be most valuable in finding your own life balance.


what does each season represent energetically?


Spring is the season of opportunity. As the weather slowly improves and the natural light increases, we will often start to feel a new lease of life that felt just out of reach at the start of the year. With this surge in energy, ideas will begin to flourish, our mood lifts and the desire to work on new projects builds. This is an enthusiastic period of new life and growth, and we tend to find ourselves more receptive and open to change, solutions and opinions. Use this fresh mindset to get projects up and running, while everything feels exciting and fresh – but remember that th still a ings may still be a little delicate and will need care and attention to be coaxed into fruition.


The busy season. With plans now in place this is the time to work steadily and consistently, and to focus on continued growth and nurturing your projects. You will find this season’s high energy allows for a bit of work hard, play hard; so collaborate, network and build new bonds.


The time to begin to slow and take stock of your progress; Autumn is the harvest period. Focus now on ensuring projects are ticking over, or on seeing them through to fruition, and then on gathering your gains. Resist the temptation to start anything new.


The season to stop, rest and take time to reflect fully on the year gone by. It will be hugely beneficial for both your physical and emotional health to allow yourself to take a proper step back and to evaluate where you are at. This rest is so necessary in order to recharge, reflect and ready yourself for the next year.

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