Although the Equinox is still a couple weeks away, that feeling of Winter is definitely already upon us. When the temperatures begin to struggle to remain above zero, and evenings seem to turn into night earlier and earlier, it can be easy to view this as a demoralising time which we need to fight against. Yet each season exists for a reason, and by tuning into the steady, constant turn of the seasons we can re-establish our own resonance with what is sane, natural and life affirming. If you look into the positive reasons for each season taking place, you can allow yourself to receive the gifts they offer; enabling you to retain balance in your life, and avoid feelings of burnout and stress.

Here at Harmonizing, we believe that the seasons are a powerful restorative resource. If we recognise the ways in which our personal energy changes from season to season, we can draw inspiration from how nature reacts to these energetic changes to learn how best to align our body’s natural rhythms. The basis of this lifestyle realignment sees us reject the conditioning of modern society, which has taught us to repress the instinctive knowledge of our own bodies and exerts a pressure on us to continue at the same unrealistic pace throughout the year. 

Nature recognises that in order to remain in a sustainable cycle, there are times when you have to allow for rest and rejuvenation; and so must we, if we wish to maintain productivity and live in balance. Everything about Winter suggests rest and retreat – the weather is driving us indoors, and the early onset of evening clearly implies early bedtimes and longer sleeps. We should embrace this opportunity to switch off a little, take a step back and recharge our internal batteries – in order to face the New Year ahead with renewed energy and greater sense of clarity.

At Harmonizing, we care about the quality of your life. We believe you deserve to be happy – and we know how to help you. Your life is a creative expression – a work of art if you like – and as with any art form, its creation takes time and skill. We are passionate about guiding individuals to find their own well of inner joy and balance.

Our commitment is to help you find harmony in every aspect of your life, and then to celebrate each little part of it. We understand the rhythms of beginnings and endings, and we will endeavour to express these through our study of the Winter season.

With this blog, we aim to show you how to accept and recognise the gifts each season offers. Over the next few weeks, we will talk you through how to adapt your attitude to embrace Winter, and show you the little adjustments you can make within your everyday routines to align more fully with your natural rhythms, and stabilise your sense of balance and inner well-being. We will teach you the theory behind making these alignments, before breaking it down into practical rituals that are easy to implement. We will also talk your though how to take care of your body, mind and soul during this period – in order to get the most from Winter, and feel the greatest sense of inner peace during a time of year that we often struggle to be productive during.

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