Why self-care may be especially needed this season:

1.With all the buzzing activity of spring inciting you to push forward, generate ideas and set projects in motion, it can be easy to accidentally neglect your self-care. However, allocating time for self-care couldn’t be more important during such a busy time, as it is not physically possible to retain such energy levels without allowing time for regular recharges. We wanted to remind you of little things you can do to remind yourself that this period doesn’t have to be all about work.

Pamper Yourself

Book yourself in for a pamper treatment or two. Treatments have the dual benefit of providing some much-needed chill time, whilst also removing any lingering stagnation from the Winter months. Turkish baths are a great way to feel as if you have been completely expunged and rejuvenated – check out if there are any near you, you might be surprised! This is also a perfect time of year to book in for a facial; a relaxing treat that will clear out any dead winter cells, setting you up to enter Spring with a fresh face and a clear head.

Clear time to read

Treat yourself to a new book, then get comfy and enjoy taking the time to just sit and read. Try to put aside some regular time at least once a week, and really allow yourself to get lost in the story (or to absorb new information, depending on whether you are a fiction or non-fiction fan). Reading also improves your brain health and sparks your creativity – and is a great way to distract yourself from all the noise in your life.

2.Alternatively, you might be struggling to sync with this energetic mood. We are off to a slow start this Spring, thanks to the snow, and maybe you feel stuck in heavy Winter vibes. If you are fighting remaining lethargy and the desire to stay holed up indoors, try pampering yourself with more vigourous rituals that will help you feel more prepared for the dynamism of Spring.

Get out into Nature

Go for a walk and leave your phone at home, so that you can simply absorb the sights, smells and burgeoning warmth of the new season. Feel the change in energy and allow it to revitalise you. See the flowers begin to burst into life and let them inspire you. Feel the sun on your skin and notice how it revives you. The physical aspect of walking as you experience these sensations will have the added effect of getting your blood pumping and awakening your body’s instinctual energy too.

Try something creative

Force your brain out of its comfort zone by challenging yourself to learn a new skill, or to think in a new way. The stimulation will leave you feeling inspired, and ready to keep your brain active and alert. You will feel like you have done something positive and productive, yet it shouldn’t serve any specific purpose – it should simply be fun. This could mean taking part in a 30-day drawing or writing challenge (no matter if you feel unskilled in either area!), joining a dance class or challenging yourself to try out a new recipe, and then inviting friends round for a meal which you have cooked from scratch.

This article has been taken from the Spring Issue of Harmonizing Life.

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