I was pottering around my sitting room in the sunshine this morning, thinking about how good life feels and how blessed I feel to have so much free time – 4hrs each morning – to do whatever I choose.

My feels feels rich and abundant these days, and I can honestly say that I’m loving my life again!

It’s taken 5 years to re-establish a new pattern for living; one that’s rich, rewarding, nourishing and sustainable.

Today I’m basking in the joy of my re-conditioning!

Maybe some of my new patterns can help you in some way….

  • track my feelings and know how to give myself exactly what I need to inspire, energise, soothe, calm or rest my precious human body. I don’t feel guilty, I understand that powering up and balancing my system delivers abundant energy and creativity.
  • I do work gently. I am patient with both myself and my business growth. I honour my energy cycles, and accept my natural rhythms of growth, rest and repair. I trust in the unfolding nature of my life – sometimes I’m flying, at other times I’m snoozing!!
  • I prioritise my life and make my choices based on my ideals for deep fulfilment, inner peace and harmony. I’m ambitious, yes (I’m a Capricorn), but it’s under control and I won’t allow it to compromise my sense of inner joy and peace.
  • I have deeply nourishing daily routines. I prioritise living fully, and experiencing deep feelings of ‘aliveness’, over constantly working hard. My productivity has increased tenfold!
  • I no longer work on aspects of my business that drain me. I delegate, or invest in support or expertise, which definitely accelerates my biz growth and allows me to stay in flow!
  • I love to choose comfort, softness and creativity. I pack as much joy into my days as I possibly can.
  • I go to nature to quieten my mind, to ask for guidance and to soothe my nervous system
  • I find bliss in stillness. I know my natural rhythm for living is ease, gentleness, slow and flowing.
  • I know that if I nourish myself and attend to my needs, a surge of vibrant creative, sparkly, powerful energy moves through me.
  • I’m boundaried. I care for myself deeply and protect my energetic and emotional well-being. I don’t give my life away.
  • Empowering others to live in alignment with the beauty and joy of life gives me the greatest joy. My NEW emotional well-being processes work, and my life is 100% focused on sharing what I’ve learned with my growing team of Harmonizing Coaches.

If you would like to learn more about My Harmonizing Philosophy for Living, click HERE. If you would like to look into my Harmonizing Coach training courses, pop over HERE (and scroll to the bottom of the page for booking details).


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