Long months spent indoors with the windows shut and heating up lends our houses a musky air, and traps in a stagnant energy which is beginning to feel stifling now Spring is here. Luckily, it’s super simple to transform this energy – all that’s needed is a bit of re-arranging, a lot of de-cluttering and the throwing open of some windows! A tidy house will give an instant mental lift as well; you will find it far easier to remain upbeat and productive if your space allows you room not only to expend energy, but also to take a deep breath in.

Spring clean your home to detox your life! Some small changes you can make to transform your home’s energy, and motivate you for the season to come.


Begin by having a clear out; you will find it easier to relax in your space – and keep it tidy going forward – if you de-clutter, and the process itself can be very therapeutic. A great philosophy to keep in mind is that of author Marie Condo: keep only those items that are either essential, or that ‘spark joy’, and let everything else go. She recommends tackling this process category by category. Imagine how liberating it would be to exercise your inner hoarder, you will be amazed at the sense of relief it can bring!
Pass on unwanted items to charity shops, or research any current collection points for causes requesting specific items. Old clothes and sheets that are past their best can be recycled at textile recycling points, which are scattered throughout cities.


Make the most of that natural adrenaline rush from your clear out by harnessing the productivity it invokes in you. Create a workspace for your home; a little area where you can sit anytime you feel creative or have an idea you want to explore. A desk would be ideal, especially with an adjacent wall-space that you can decorate with images, quotes, lists and photos to inspire you and stir your motivation. Use it as a place to sift through any admin hanging over you, any communications you need to keep on top of, and as a safe space from which to connect with your creative self. It could also be a great space to reflect on your goals for the season and complete our life inventory exercises! Have fun building the space and choosing your inspirational images.


Put together another little area with an opposing purpose to your workspace – a space where you can switch off completely from responsibilities and work; somewhere that you can read, have a snooze, phone a friend. This area should be all about comfort, indulgence and relaxation. Everyone’s idea of comfort and chill-time differs, so think about how you personally like to relax, and what brings you joy, and create the space around this.

As inspiration here is how our cosy space would look – it would centre around an old armchair padded out with cosy cushions and a blanket. We’d place a floorlamp with a dimmer switch to one side of the chair, and a coffee table to the other. A little pouffe for our feet would be the final touch, with a beautiful piece of art hung on the wall nearby.

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