Hear from some of the graduates of our Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coach Training programme

The personal and professional impact of this course on my life was profound, far exceeding my expectations. Despite training as an NLP coach previously, I had lacked the confidence to promote myself as a coach but The Harmonizing Training programme changed that. It has offered me a way to do the work I love, with a process that is adaptable to my existing clientele.


Jen Wood – NLP practitioner, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner & Certified Harmonizing Coach


Dawn’s training style is passionate, infectious and captivating. The professional impact of this course on my coaching business has been enormous; it felt like such a gift to leave with resources, information and tools which I could continue to grow and learn from.

The Harmonizing Training Programme has allowed me to bring freedom, release and life balance into my client’s lives, and has granted me affirmation on a personal level that I am on the right path and have what it takes to be the type of coach that I want.

Sue Clarke – NLP Practitioner, Life Coach & Certified Harmonizing Coach

Dawn Breslin came into my life at precisely the moment she was meant to, her energy radiated around me. To be part of her tribe fills me with positivity, and the self belief that I am on the right path to living my best life full of possibility and bucket-loads of happiness. Training to be a Harmonizing Coach really has been an enlightening and enriching experience – I cannot recommend Dawn enough.

Helen Jennings, Personal Development Coach and Certified Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Carol Harrison, Stress and Anxiety Coach & Certified Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Dawn is a glowing representation of everything she teaches. She walks her talk with a depth of knowledge, insight and wisdom that is totally inspiring and transformational.

Her Harmonizing Alignment process has not only changed my life, it has transformed the lives of the clients I have coached through it and made all our lives much richer and more purposeful.

Dawn has a wonderful way of seeing and understanding human nature and the way we think, act and feel. You cannot fail to moved by her extraordinary teaching and motivated to make significant changes in your own life. Training with Dawn was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Sylvia Baldock – Coach, Trainer, Professional Speaker, Author & Certified Harmonizing Coach

How can I put into words the deep, deep changes I have experienced? Session by session, Dawn’s Harmonizing process shows you how to gently reconnect with yourself – it has had such a profound impact on me. I signed up for the Coach training course so that I too can, in time , help individuals to live the life they were meant to lead. From the bottom of my heart Dawn, thank you – your Harmonizing process is like no other.

Sarah Green, Personal Development Coach and Certified Harmonizing Emotional Wellbeing Coach

The Harmonizing Academy Training Programme impacted my life hugely! It gave me the courage to finally leave the corporate world completely, and put me in touch with my true calling – holistic healthcare. I am so much happier on this path. Harmonizing has allowed me another arm to my business, and enabled me to diversify with the workshops and retreats that I offer. Going through the process ourselves for the first 3 days showed me how powerful it is – and my clients now feel the same way. It is life changing.


Heather Gweneth Bird – Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach & Certified Harmonizing Coach


Dawn is the real deal. Her Harmonizing Consultant Training Academy was absolutely amazing. Her approach to coaching, speaking and training is soft yet confident, loving yet powerful. She backs it all up with experience and moves through the world with so much love and connection. Whether you are looking to shift your life, inspire your clients or create positive change within a team, I would recommend Dawn Breslin over and over again.


Mel Stahl – Emotional Wellbeing & Happiness Coach, Nia Dance Black Belt Instructor & Certified Harmonizing Coach

The impact of this course on a personal level has been life-changing, and on a professional level it has been a total game changer – totally transformational. The training was simple and powerful, with well-crafted, engaging and effective resources. It’s wonderful to leave a training programme with a real sense of excitement, as well as all the confidence you need to put your new knowledge into practice straight away.

Dawn is an incredible teacher with so much insight, passion, warmth, energy, and openness. This felt very different to other coaching programmes in terms of energy; Dawn’s delivery moves like a wave from great power and passion, through to soft stillness.

The Harmonizing Alignment Process feels big, vibrant and vital: a genuinely new and positive approach to living life to the fullest. 

Kate Lloyd – Life Coach, Business Coach & Certified Harmonizing Coach

I attended to learn new skills to prepare under-confident, unfocused and demotivated clients for employment, and the course totally surpassed all my expectations. The Harmonizing tools and techniques are great, making integrating them into my own business easy and exciting. Since the course my productivity at work has gone through the roof!

I have been impacted tremendously both professionally, and personally. The Harmonizing process is so natural, creative and grounded – before the course I felt a deep sense of exhaustion, but now I feel a greater sense of control than ever before, and a real sense of inner peace for the first time ever.

This training is life-changing.

Jo Pepper – Social Value Development Manager & Certified Harmonizing Coach

The Harmonizing Academy left me feeling revived, detoxed and boosted in my self-belief. It increased my focus and future vision, as well as my courage and sense of validation in what I am trying to achieve with my business.

The Harmonizing Alignment Process coaching style complements a host of other therapies, and adapts well with other forms of alignment – such as yoga, dance and reiki. Dawn has fierce passion and belief in what she teaches, as well as directness and conviction. You come away knowing that you will make a change.


Elizabeth Doherty – Careers Guidance Counsellor, CBT Coach and Certified Harmonizing Coach


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